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  1. Hopey has joined what looks like an AUSCG Sub clan. I find that amusing. AUSCG Sub clan. Thats like a tumour out of a tumour. Or ebola contracting ebola. Etc etc.
  2. Because of the accusations, 300 or so tanks were given out. Lucky me!
  3. Less pub talk, more competitive play talk. Warpack in CW, bad. Tournies? That's a huge problem. stronks? No one gives a shit... no one takes it seriously. Aimbots in tournies is stupid since you should be spamming gold. Also autoaim OP. CW is somewhat useful if you're lazy. But you should be able to pen anyway if you're somewhat decent. Go for your life in pubs, but in competitive play, go get fucked.
  4. In randoms, meh. In CW and other competitive play, then WP is plague.
  5. It seems according to both polls WG are doing nothing, or what they have been doing the whole time is not working. *hint* *hint* stop doing it and try something else WG.
  6. SEA server, taking a backwards step. Or 10. Also why do retards visit CR/D, Then cry when actual CR/D content is thrown? Fuck off to General Discussion you imbeciles. We want to insult your clan, we will insult your shitty clan.
  7. Usually, yeah. What if we were to refer to you as a big elephant? Or something abstract like so.
  8. It was added somewhere along the line. Cant remember exactly when. It has a lesser weighting than Kamikazes and Battle Buddies, but adds that extra dimension to the metric. Gives it better... balance.
  9. WG need to fix the emblems of clans. ANUS should have a dickbutt as their emblem instead of that dog...
  10. Run a speedtest, but you should be alright in the internet front. GPU is a shit tonne better than mine, so should be right. I'll be upgrading mine soon^tm
  11. Fucking AALG CBed me for flooding. I was hit with #FREEJOC2015 for 1 day, then the douche extends it for "flooding" Apparently "flooding" is Ctrl+Pasting the same thing 10 times over the course of 5 minutes while everyone else was spamming 50 smileys. Cunt.
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