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  1. Had a BALLS member thank me for a good game today. He didn't do too badly himself, He came 4th and it was pretty much a 4 man carry. I died at a pretty bad time, but being on 13hp in a 122-44... At least it got one of theirs killed. Anyway, i can't be too mean to all balls players. (actually a few of them i already know to be alright i.e. stewie) P.s. i was a part of that pro carry *cough*. 1k exp not enough for 1st class xD. 122-44 pro camo rating, T34 only lights me 330m away when i shoot.
  2. Awww i was excited for the most OP T8 HT to get more OP... Actually, 4 shell clip, 9s interclip reload with 20s clip... 221 pen... That is actually pretty OP. Equips, bia and food can bring the clip down to 18 or less, basically DPM much higher... 9s to get a shot our or 18. Lololol that potential.
  4. Anyone willing to grind me 2mil creds? Also the smileys in game are annoying
  5. Well then get on TS, scrub. Actually when i finish my HSC, I'll probably place my attention onto GTA V and Borderlands. Won't be paying much attention to WoT. I'll probably play WoWS more than WoT. How much more? Who knows.
  6. Or. Step 1: I uninstall Step 2: I leave the forums for am undefined amount of time. Step 3: I have a future and hopefully live the dream like hopefull. Ignorant of logic and sitting on my ass all day botting playing like a retard.
  7. I'm glad chrome on my phone stopped working. Pro Google Programming. updated and now its broken,
  8. Obvious bot is obvious. Turret continually snaps between targets when they are lit. If not lit, it turns left and right
  9. I like how the american military use metric because... it makes sense...
  10. Me and lock carried that team hard. I ran out of AP coz i spammed too many shells.
  11. Recent WN8 padding complete. Time go wave goodbye to tanking. Actually i might just do the daily logins every morning before uninstalling. Damn. I should have actually padded WN8 to get to my goal sooner.
  12. Lol its J_Will of all people! Here to name and shame KAC for being baddies and stealing all the enemies kills in SH.
  13. New KAC recruitment drive? In KAC, we don't give a shit if you sperg on the forums. If they deserve it, go for your life. We encourage and celebrate retard calling in the official Forums.
  14. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/53897-clan-emblems-for-cw/
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