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  1. So i rebought my T29 again... Why did i ever sell it???? Team? What's a team? Plat carry hard. And Tiger II with Long 88 FTW. This game was weird. The enemy defended and died. No, i don't have the long 105 yet.
  2. I hoped AUSCG wasn't like hopey. Well, i was kinda right. They're worse.
  3. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/magicalflyingfox-sea-2872637ae6d39b7097906c7a61a1df86/lakeville-great_britain-fv304-55082295573777516 For anyone's entertainment. Why KAC suck so much and why AUSCG need to stahp. Yeah, its that AUSCG stronk battle again, but the chat and game itself is too fucking hillarious.
  4. My past 24 hour stats is why I'm going to quit this game soon. My team either threw away games or 13/15 do nothing to contribute. I counted 4 unwinnable out of the 7, and 2 where the team threw away the game. And a Draw. Glorious. Id rather a single player game, don't have to carry 13 fucking brainless zombies. Stock Tiger 2, still does better than the whole team. Can't solo 8 enemy tanks ffs. Stay alive long enough so i bring it down to 2 dammit! /sperg Why? That is my only question. The last game i had, me and stevie both did 1500+. Him in the IS-3, me in the GW Panther because i was
  5. with my sarcasm level at over 9000, not even im sure which side of the fence im in.
  6. http://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/pc-browser/49/monthly-specials-april-2015/ April Fools, direct from WG SEASIAPACVN2.0
  7. Its heading there, but i don't think it'll ever be that bad on the ASIA forums. There are a few actually worth reading now.
  8. I just can't be assed. Official forums is annoying me already, which is good as I'm trying to quit.
  9. Good riddance, about fucking time. Was over repeating the fact that it was ddead.
  10. His Les_Mis playstyle might get him over 48%... God those stats are shocking. You need to be behind arty all game purposely to be like that.
  11. I'll send you a replay when i get on my computer. Its entertaining. I played like shit because i was falling off my seat in laughter so ignore how i played. I'm sure Skell would have gotten a few laughs from it too.
  12. I got called a low tier stat padder. I lold. Also ribbit has a deep fascination for penises. I think he really needs to come out of the closet irl.
  13. hes attacking me for "attacking" him Bitch please. If i want to attack you, i will tear you to fucking shreds you fucking illiterate, whiny little shit. Anyway, i wonder if he will be banhammered for calling me a tool. If he isn't, well I'm going to push the line and see if mods bite. in which case I'll show them that.
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