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  1. Unfortunately, the tier 8 stronk teams aren't popular enough to provide that bridge between 6 stronks, 8 with 12+ team CW. Urgh, that annoys me. Anyway, It would be more advantageous to have a larger team imo as it prepares them more for T10s than with 10 a side. Sure, 10 a side is probably better for me as i prefer smaller teams when i call, but the larger teams the better. Calling 7 tanks is nothing like calling 15 tanks, and 10 tanks is nothing compared to 15 either.
  2. Its getting lesser clans more CW capable and attracting more upcoming CW clans. In theory it could work, but my biggest gripe is the 10v10. That...is not going to help set up a clan for 15v15 T10 CWs. The meta difference is just too large.
  3. Its supposed to be like an africa. And its supposed to be a temp solution until minsk get off their fucking asses and finish CW2.0 Hopefully it works better than VN2.0
  4. All G, we talked to DPS and shit. Oh, yeah, we banned those fuckers as well. Huh? What else? I didn't hear you? Oh btw we have done what you wanted us to do, anything else? What? Ima go now, you're just mumbling now.
  5. There we go, a TL;DR version for WG. Not that it will make a difference due to their utter fucking incompetence when it comes to cheating matters.
  6. mr. sexii. Thats what the 2nd [edited] was. God why can't he just hide in his faggothole already?
  7. Hey, Joc, i found some gold. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/53036-well-done-wg/page__st__40__pid__1299144#entry1299144
  8. I'm not complaining. 2k damage in my first game back in the T71 without breaking a sweat. Autoaim OP.
  9. Whats SLOTH gonna do now? And UTC1 or whatever? And simplykaren? Ahahahahshaha
  10. I have restricted myself so CR/D and Off Topic. Forums are fucking horrendous everywhere else.
  11. BTW i know a bit about CW2.0 and none of you are close to how it actually works in the chip department. That is unless they've changed it, but my info was gained last month so probably not.
  12. mr. sexii has been on him for a while http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/51264-is-pbkac-presence-on-the-forums-good-for-the-community/page__st__180__pid__1292793#entry1292793
  13. The problem is not the game. Its the management. Most people here WANT the management to do their job much better than they have. They can just shut up and play the game but they don't because they care about it. I personally don't care anymore since WoWS has come into closed beta, amd have been having more fun there, but still. Besides. Like you can talk, most of the distaste has to do with clans. Feel good you're oblivious to it all.
  14. around about here onwards http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/51633-flapdacoc/page__st__1680#topmost
  15. I had tan and wasaabi apparently... My RIP VN2.0 CW status got removed...
  16. 7D? I thought they only got a slap on the wrist like ricko and told to not do it again or face...another slap on the wrist!
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