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  1. Doesn't matter anyway. It doesn't look like server admins want the cheaters to go away anyways. Judging by their (in)action about blatant Warpack and account selling...
  2. Oh no, whatever shall we do now since no mods will patrol here anymore?
  3. WG VN2.0 currently parallels the Poms cricket team. Running into the ground at a zillion miles a second. Watch the British press go mad tomorrow.
  4. So what the fuck has otto done other than provide suggestions to better the game? Are those suggestions suddenly banworthy? We can't think of ways to better the game we enjoy playing when it works? We need a forum avatar for all of us to use with: FREE POLLI 2K15 black with white background, gif of it flashing on and off.
  5. Ah. So thats what my password here was. I think I'm on Tan's better side. So i might escape unharmed.
  6. The only thing that arty helps with in other tanks that comes into my head is situational awareness. That is only required in the end of the game when a flank has been lost or you're last alive or when you change flanks you fire at. So basically nothing a red would understand.
  7. Hmm... I guess when I find the time, I will take a dip into the waters of other servers to see the difference. Here in SEA, arty players are mainly bots. It seems you are very passionate about hating arty. Sorry for ruffling your jimmies. Bad grammar...
  8. What I am trying to hint at is that this may contribute to the trend of good players disliking artillery. Yes, sure they can one hit some tanks. Sure they can sometimes hit behind cover. Well, some can. Sure thay can hit you across the map. Sure thay can be played without game mechanic knowledge. But. Have you tried to hit across a map in arty? Shoot behind cover in arty? Hit something where you can deal full damage? Arty nerf of 8.6 essentially makes your arguements obsolete. I have 1 shot paper tanks that are still. Heavily arnoured/decently armoured tanks? Once every 50 games.
  9. Maybe arty focus down on these decent 1900wn8 players often, causing them to be very upset and focus their rage on arty as a whole? Just a theory.
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