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  1. CVS/Optics/Binos is a fucking retarded set-up and is the only way one can enjoy playing the british lights.
  2. She doesnt do any damage. Her NP has a small heal. Her buffs are inconsequential. Got damn is she fucking useless. USELESS NEETHIME. That's why she is level 100, max skilled, bond 10 and I have already used a bond-grail on her.
  3. It took me (id rather not say) to get 1 Osakabehime. I will leave it at that.
  4. lots of epeen poasting in new change discussion threads.
  5. My luck is only now normalising. for e.g. I spent over 300 sq for Jalter in her first banner and got nothing. I also spent almost as much on Tamamo and only got Tamamo Cat. MHXA was pretty much the same. My first 5* was GSSR. Between Waver, Tamamo and Punk Monk, i got punch monk...
  6. So how does it compare to the A46 or whatever that thing was in terms of shit-tier tanks? Which one takes the turd crown?
  7. As a long time player, I don't have this issue. In fact, I prefer the more difficult fights sometimes because sometimes they can allow me to do some stupid shit like infinite squirtoria NP loop and charm lock stupidity. Or the epic stall team of undying with Jeanne. But if I'm lazy I stack the team with whatever is strong and then place a backline bond CE herc which usually is enough to more than kill off the last breaker bar, sometimes 1.5 or even 2.
  8. I enjoyed Götterdämmerung more than I enjoyed Anastasia. Nothing has topped Camelot + Babylon for me yet.
  9. The lorry is a 50 100 with a more manageable clip size and more speed in exchange for pretty much the same effective armour - not much. The somua is also a 50 100 but with a slightly more manageable clip with a fuck better reload and actual armour in exchange for a bit of speed... which helps gun handling 50 100 is just in a shit spot. It takes a while to realise you can't get away with a lot of things and there are other tanks that can do everything you can do but better.
  10. Blackbeard is truly blessed. Also, if anyone is on the EN server and haven't added me yet, my friend code is 405,599,969. @ me here if you add me so i know to make room. I have a max fou'd max grailed max bond NP3 Osakabehime. The rest of my support lineup is irrelevant.
  11. Hahahahaha.... good lord. Have fun. (I mainly mean story, not difficulty)
  12. Hyped? I thought it was thought to be trash and then ended up not being complete garbage and quite enjoyable.
  13. Supposed to be automatic. God dammit guys. At least i can sell all the ascension mats for QP. So low....
  14. Oh lord tier 8 pen creep. Remember when 200 pen was good?
  15. Oh, on a positive note, my Gacha luck has ASCENDED TO THE MEAN. 6 tickets for SEIBAHHHH. First 10 roll for 2nd Eresh! BACK TO THE MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually i was always below the mean, and probably still am. But still! Is this what regular gacha luck feels like???
  16. I kept herc in every single team till he got his bond CE. It did help that he was my very first servant. Carried me throughout the game.
  17. Salem had the best story out of the Pseudo Singularities. Merlin and Tamamo are brilliant for those harder quests sometimes. But a lot of the time the best thing to use is Herc + Bond CE as the final servant. If you need a servant to taunt, eat up a single target NP and survive a few turns, Georgios is the one of the best servants for that. Skadi is more of an offensive support so I don't usually use her in those challenging quests. Also, Squirtoria is so dumb. A double Tamamo + Squirtoria team can get you to NP loop every single turn once you get it set up.
  18. I would have picked Gorgon because limited rate ups while stheno can spook you. But then again, now you can charm lock with Stheno + 2x Euryale. That lineup is so dirty and is the only reason to 10/10/10 them.
  19. Fuck WG nerfing the mass on this thing. Make the Aufklärungspanzer-Panther Great Again!
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