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  1. I drove down the road from the north to the middle then up the enemy road to the middle and appeared behind 5 enemy tanks on the north. Farmed the fuck out of them. Map isn't horrible, and if you can pull that off, its fucking hilarious.
  2. Start now before the cap on 100 points per day starts. Get a referral code, seal club low tiers. Medals give a lot of points. Get to about 400 on the last stage ready for the next referral round.
  3. Guard is fucking trash. Gun has no shell velocity, neither shell has pen and the accuracy is pointless. Shells will go to ground or rocks or to basically everything but what you are shooting at. None of the bond 8s are really worth it but the Liberte is probably the least shitty of them. Prog and bourrasque are the best prems in the game now.
  4. Its a light tank line, so its instantly cucked. Its British, which cucks it further. It never really stood a chance.
  5. Isn't the police bar still pennable? This just makes it hark back to before the gold rounds for credits days where you actually needed to aim at the E100's police bar instead of lolpenning the turret face.
  6. Thank christ. Just means 140s will be actually used in CW on merit instead of "oh your 907 is locked". 907 will still be objectively better in a swarm. 140s will be better if you want to possess a hill.
  7. An apt comparison. The IS-3A like the IS-7 is the worst one of the bunch.
  8. Slow speed 703 is a myth. Fucker needs to have a 30kph top speed.
  9. STB-1 is quite the strong tank now, It just gets killed whenever there is an arty in the game, which is every game. If you can avoid arty, its an almost-chieftain in a lot of positions. Its absolutely insane how much you can do with it. My biggest gripe with the damn thing is that any SPG in the game means a 75% chance of getting penned if one goes for you. That includes the BC arty. I really really miss the APCR shell though. The 703 has no real downsides. Its more mobile than it has any right to be, the guns reload is not that long and its gun handling is fucking
  10. I've always forgone vision in favour of blapping. The damn thing is so huge I don't bother too much with vision games. Even more so with the amount of EBRs in the game. I generally laugh at suggestions made by my team to get me to scout. Fuck that, I'm just here for big numbers.
  11. If you want to play with the 128, just play the Maus.
  12. T49 With a more accurate derp? Ooooooh
  13. The superior gun on the E50 is the 88 L/100. This will make it even more of a fucking insane gun. Have struggled to do less than 3k with the 8.8cm, it just removes that retarded "E50 gun btw" syndrome the 105 has and also confuses the fuck out of pubbies that think its easy prey before losing half its health by the time they get to aim in. Might actually go back to playing this retarded game if the E50 changes go through. Also, the WZ-120 shell velocity nerf. Fucks sake, like that thing needed any nerfs. Just leave the buffs.
  14. Another update: 1060 still good for WoT 3 years later even at 1440p. Max graphics still over 60fps.
  15. Would rather a whole lot of meh than game breaking bullshit like wheelies. As long as its playable, not completely useless and even potentially fun to play, Its all i could ask for from WG nowadays.
  16. Because light tanks are too powerful already?
  17. You'd think it could sidescrape but nooooo the area just above the tracks says no.
  18. Vicetone whenever he streams plays this thing constantly. wotlabs doesnt seem to want to work for him so
  19. 3 marked the piece of shit nearly 2 years ago. Tried playing it again and just couldn't stand the constant turret pens. JPE at least bounces most of those so if its similar to that it might be okay. I have so much shit at around 92% mark :/
  20. The side armour of the 430 is almost as retarded as the side of the 430U.
  21. 390 alpha + retarded gun handling means that the tank is more braindead to play. Sure, the T-54 can be more effective but alpha is still king. Less exposure the better and all that.
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