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  1. If you want to OC and feel that satisfaction of MOAR GAINS, Intel would probably be best. Don't have to worry about FCLK and just crank up that voltage and clock. That 10700K deal sounds pretty good. But you could also feel those MOAR GAINS with a non xmp run and then turning on xmp with AMD. The jump is huge.
  2. 3700X mem OC is super easy. 3600Mhz ram with low timings, keep your FCLK the same as the ram clock and you will get big gains in perf. You can also dump more voltage and try to go higher but the biggest and easiest gains are with just keeping your FCLK the same as the Memory clock. So its pretty much as easy as running XMP and upping your FCLK to 1800 for 3600Mhz ram. Headroom isn't that high but you can get CPU clocks up a few points. For mobos, an X570 or B550 is fine. You don't need to go to the top to be able to OC as you can OC with B550. Honestly though, high end B550 boards an
  3. Intel are still outright better in pure FPS numbers. Biggest point of suck is lack of PCIe 4.0, which might be a problem 4-5 years down the line if you only upgrade your GPU but won't be a problem if you are going to be building a new system anyway. At which time DDR5 should be the new standard. AMD have better value per core currently. I personally think they're going to be a lot closer to Intel in pure gaming performance, maybe even matching them, but surpassing them would be a small surprise but not within the realm of impossibility. The next gen AMD CPUs will be more expensi
  4. The latest tanks to have a gold shell that doesn't drastically change what it can do is the ISU-152K and further back the two lootbox tanks. And maybe the Senlac since it really doesnt matter if you use AP or APCR in that thing. Oh, and the renegade. The bourrasque, TL-1, LIS, This thing and the Rampanzer though completely transform by pressing the 2 key. The ratio with this criteria favours the former, but that's because of the existence of the tanks that were already OP without gold shells in the first place. Either way, slap on some 2 key and only 2 recent p
  5. 10600K can be OCed, 10600 cannot. 10600K is better for gaming than every AMD part (for now). However the difference at higher resolutions is like 5% while stock. With a 4690k, you should be looking at a new CPU if you are going to be playing new games as they begin to take advantage of more cores. Otherwise you start experiencing stuttering making games uncomfortable to play. New ryzen CPUs are being announced this month so things can change.
  6. Its enough for 1440p 144Hz. Don't have to care too much about vram. Its fine for 4k now, but 2-3 years is a long time for games that are probably going increase their texture sizes. Who knows what will happen with MS DirectStorage and what difference that would make. It would be less of a gamble than the RTX 20-series but a gamble nonetheless for 4k.
  7. lol worrying about CPU bottlenecks.... Its not going to be an issue at all unless you are trying to run a 360Hz monitor at 1080p, or running a 6yo CPU at high refresh To be realistic, if you are going to be buying a 3070/3080/3090, you aren't going to be gaming at 1080p. You will be at least at 1440p 144Hz, in which case you probably also have a CPU from the last 2-3 years. All of which will be absolutely fine for that resolution and refresh rate.
  8. Or you could bring the turretless WZ fake tank and do the same, but earn a fuck tonne of creds.
  9. CVS/Binos/Optics is quite the fucking meme with brit lights.
  10. The mobile meta made it hard to mark the T34. Why the fuck did I decide to mark that piece of shit. God I'm an idiot. No logging in for me as 'punishment'.
  11. I honestly just derp around in it and drive as far forward as possible. Honestly though the list is probably closer to reality than the previous one but still quite inaccurate.
  12. Wow the EVEN 90 is that high? how tf did i 3 mark mine?
  13. My plan is 3080 for my 1440p/144Hz monitor and potentially a monitor upgrade in 2 years and skip a generation of GPUs. Also 3080Ti this generation extremely likely to just to shit on AMD because its nvidia.
  14. Goodbye moneys.

    1. hazzgar


      Unless you are streaming or doing work intensive stuff it makes no sense to buy cards just after they have been announced. Early adopter tax

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      It makes perfect sense when I'm driving a 144hz 1440p monitor with a GTX 1060.


      The only risk is that I overpay by $100-150 when RDNA2 comes out. GPU prices dont really drop from launch price for at least a year.

    3. hazzgar


      If you care about using your monitor to its full potential though imho it's paying a ton for very small upgrades that only matter because you started caring about details. Not that I don't get it. I can pay 250$ for titanium bolts on my downhill bike. It's just I know it doesn't make perfect sense 

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  15. I drove down the road from the north to the middle then up the enemy road to the middle and appeared behind 5 enemy tanks on the north. Farmed the fuck out of them. Map isn't horrible, and if you can pull that off, its fucking hilarious.
  16. Start now before the cap on 100 points per day starts. Get a referral code, seal club low tiers. Medals give a lot of points. Get to about 400 on the last stage ready for the next referral round.
  17. Guard is fucking trash. Gun has no shell velocity, neither shell has pen and the accuracy is pointless. Shells will go to ground or rocks or to basically everything but what you are shooting at. None of the bond 8s are really worth it but the Liberte is probably the least shitty of them. Prog and bourrasque are the best prems in the game now.
  18. Its a light tank line, so its instantly cucked. Its British, which cucks it further. It never really stood a chance.
  19. Isn't the police bar still pennable? This just makes it hark back to before the gold rounds for credits days where you actually needed to aim at the E100's police bar instead of lolpenning the turret face.
  20. Thank christ. Just means 140s will be actually used in CW on merit instead of "oh your 907 is locked". 907 will still be objectively better in a swarm. 140s will be better if you want to possess a hill.
  21. An apt comparison. The IS-3A like the IS-7 is the worst one of the bunch.
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