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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one but is there a way to stop this lopsided losses? It seems like every match is over in the first two minutes and even if I am being aggressive I am the only left at the end. Any insight from the wise ones?
  2. just curious, but what 4 crew skills would you have on the AMX 30 prot? For example commander would get 6th, bia, recon and camo right?
  3. What time frame are you looking to play? I'm eastern US and always looking for good platoon mates. EDIT: I generally play between 5 PM and 1 AM eastern. Not straight through, but sporadically depending on the day
  4. no offense to the 132 in the game (clan mate) I think he was gonna follow me as long as I went to somewhere within reason. BUT I thought he would take that spot on the ridge at first instead of following me to the ridge I went too. On most occasions I take a bush on that ridge that you mentioned. as far as the replays go I would prefer you in whatever makes you comfortable. Lately I have been the victim of a lot of teams that don't know their front from their back. makes it hard for me to ask another player not to toon if you know what I mean
  5. Question for both of you, not using hind sight, would you have gone forward after the JPE or back and regrouped? I'm not sure what I was thinking when I did that. killed both myself and the bat because of that. Sorry for the long post. tried to separate as much as possible, but I thought two posts was unnecessary. That's what I thought about the T54, but I thought since I had you here I would ask and since I have you here(if you came back) wouldn't going SE leave me pretty open? I know my camo (if I don't shoot) is amazing, but if something comes back to support a falling flank I put myself
  6. higher level support is what I am looking for. I promise I am not here for praise, and I would consider down voting it here. A more appropriate place to praise would be in game with a platoon invite follow up questions: what about moving up to help the t54? at that time I didn't have enough in the clip to finish off the t95, and may have been put into a bad spot? If I go up to light the corner wouldn't I have dealt with him? Trying to think in the moment, not hindsight. The Ru idea is brilliant, and forces him to flee. I like that one, I'm not sure if I can emphasis enough how much I
  7. I creep through these message boards on a daily basis. I am constantly trying to improve my game play, and I want to eventually get 3 marks on the 1390. My first replay I put on wotlabs got a lot of helpful information, and I took a lot out of it. Now first glance at this someone may think I am attempting to stroke myself. I promise this is not the case! I have these matches once in a blue moon, I am bad, I know it. I am just wondering where in this game I threw it away. I want to be able to carry, not fail. How would someone that is superior to me have done better? won this game? wotreplay
  8. female crew question incoming. I am to my 5th skill for the e100 so at this point does it really matter what my next skill is? below is my skills list(repairs and bia on everything): Commander: sixth and recon Gunner: snap and deadeye driver: clutch and PM radio operator: sit and firefighting loader #1: intuition and FF loader #2 SS and adrenaline rush Thanks in advance
  9. Thats fine I had them in stock, not sure why.... A blue player in my clan had mentioned that torsion bars had helped them with tracking problems. Over my 50 games with torsion bars my W/r was a little higher and wn8 was a little better in the tank, but that could have just been coincidence (W/R^ then WN8^). The tank itself with coffee has the max VR with the 3.5 crew skills so I thought I would play around with my setup and see if there was any validity behind his claims. I personally love playing the tank, even if I am a "noob" and I am bad at it
  10. Cuni/ breeze can i get an explanation behind both of these comments. I understand the seal face, and I may be misunderstanding cunis emoticon but it appears you have two different opinions here? PS used coffee and hemorrhaged credits even with premium. Although it was great having coffee I have decided to wait until the next sale. just did 4k dmg on murovanka. lost because a friendly bat decided that carrying HE was a good idea.
  11. so, Iim waiting till i get home, not downloading it at work XD
  12. is there a website where i can compare a tank and the effects of food premium consumables and equipment?
  13. this tank is a god send. I go to the 1390 whenever my day begins to go south. approaching 600 games in it and i am still being amazed at what it can achieve. lately 2.5k dmg and 3 kills is my norm in it. I haven't tried coffee, but i have been using vents torsion bars and gld(~50 games). i have found that i get tracked a little less often, but not enough to take off the repair kit. I think my next 50 games I am going to try coffee. To those that doubt this ankle bitters ability to carry, I am sorry for your experience, and I hope it gets better for you. This tank is like a Jack Russel, bui
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