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  1. The Personal Missions and other WoT events have sapped attention away from the (perhaps mediocre) T95E2 reward for a new "recruit" purchasing their first T10 tank, but if that's a goal still on your radar and you haven't yet "recruited" your sockpuppet gullible and lifeless friend to assist you with this... NOW IS THE (nearly) BEST TIME TO GET STARTED! Take advantage of the Winter Mode. Why? Free credits and free crew experience of course! There will always be new events coming up every few months that will put tonks on sale, or increase XP, or whatever, but these special "fun
  2. Depends all upon experience... If this is your first T7 (or first T7 in that line), then absolutely there is a wall that you need to climb over. Because at that point the grind for tracks/turrets/guns and credits to pay for it all increases dramatically. Instead of grinding out 10-15k to be able to mount the top gun (which is oftentimes easier when you have lines like the American meds where you don't need the "top" gun in order to be of any meaningful use), now you need to put in 25-50K XP. Worse, the gun(s) you have available to do that are far more anemic at this level--while the HP poo
  3. I *think* they should be good. When I set up my EU account (so I could post on the EU forums) I used *a* bonus code - I just don't remember if I used one of these or one from some other site. Interestingly, the ones I picked up in the Summer of 2013 say that have an expiration of 4-12-2014 (they are clearly US/NA-printed as they have the .com address and talk about $$ values, so that would have been a 12 April 14 expiration), but are still working. If you want to try one, let me know. If it works, great. If not, just let me know and I'll put it back into rotation, no harm, no foul.
  4. Other than the standing WOTREDDIT (I think - check the OP) invite, I scrounged up a few different ones: 1,000 gold, 1 Week Premium, M22 Locust (this was given out in the summer of 2013 prior to WoWp launch, and as of last week still work; I picked several of these up at the EAA AirVenture at the WG booth); I have several of these codes -or- 1250 gold, 3 days Premium (a friend gave this to me; looks like he got it by buying Saints and Soldiers: The Void on DVD); I have two of these codes These won't do me any good since they're invites, so if you want one PM me and tell me which
  5. The way I see it, this isn't *that* much different than the mission to get the free IS-6. In this case, you don't have a time limit and aren't limited to pumping out 100k XP in 7 different Tier 6 tanks, but the headaches and time commitments are likely pretty similar. As others have pointed out, don't start this without an invite code of some sort. Find any ways to optimize your free gold intake. Then decide how much real money (if any) this is worth to you (considering the "nominal" value of the tank is 7,500 gold). Figure out what line you want to push down (or, better yet, two or three
  6. If you and your friend are playing on the NA server, take advantage of the M4 Medium Rollout weekend. 2x Crew XP, +1000 XP if you make a kill in a T3+ US medium, and an extra 70% credit earnings if you deal 300+ damage in a T4+ US med. Burn through the Lee in no time, and pick up an M4 and/or Jumbo/E8 for credit earning while either running down that line or simul-pushing the US heavy line. I found some old WoT/WoWP invite codes I still had laying around from the summer of 2013 that still work. 1k gold, 7 days premium and an M22 Locust. I set my *friend up with one of those last night
  7. ^^^^^ It's a pain in the ass, but once you do it and get it working right, it'll be worth it. I was in the same boat maybe 12 months ago... probably 6 months after the XVM devs moved to separate .xc config files from the monster large one. By that time, I'd already given up on the web-based configuration editor because (IIRC) I wanted to add in the then-new mnimap options. So over the course of several nights I experimented and played (and threw things and beat my head on the desk) until I had a workable separate-file config. But once I did that, updating and adjusting it became SO
  8. I've tried a number of different sight mods over the years, but just couldn't stand anything but the most vanilla of options - even Jimb0's and MeltyMap's was a little too distracting. For the longest time I used a very vanilla sight with reload timer. Not sure if I used this specific one or if he took it over at some point, but Locastan has one that looks just like the one I used to use. I eventually found Kodos' sight mod on Drongo Labs, and this is the one I use exclusively now. His thread on the EU forum includes a bunch of different mods, including his sight mod. It's a nice, sim
  9. A few rules of thumb that I use... First, 100% crews are generally (and by that, I mean almost always) worth retraining. At mid tiers, where you're at with this crew you're talking about, I wouldn't even bother thinking about the level of their secondary skills. These tiers are so packed with anything and everyone that clicks that its a waste of time to get the first (and certainly the second) skill above a crewman's base proficiency up to 100%. (Caveat: unless you like the tank and would rather keep playing it than move up to the next tank in the line.) Second, below tier 4 it's almos
  10. Just thinking aloud here, since it's been many months since I've waded through the original Wn8 mega-thread... I'm guessing, but can't be sure, that the methodology he gave you may have been a new iteration that he intended to use as a part of his two-point "engine"? Unless you were the one who ran the original numbers for him that he used as the basis for the current Expected Values table, we don't have the exact methods that he used. (And as you alluded to, Praetor himself may well not remember exactly how he did it since he was working on so many concepts at the time.) My eyes glass
  11. Just to be on the safe side, when I say "fudge factor", I mean the fact that Praetor adjusted by hand many of the Expected Values. (For many reasons, including to better account for the current game meta--or previous meta, such as the prevalence of M4 HEAT--as well as to devalue low-tier tanks so as to not over-inflate ratings for obvious noobstompers). That said, I don't think that the "fudge factor" is the most important part, but it is an integral and vital step required to ensure Wn8's efficacy. What I was saying is that the "fudge factor" adjustments are not at all dependent upon
  12. Being the lurker that I am, I've been following the development and advancement of Wn8 from the very beginning. I'm not a mathematician, so I can't at all begin to comment on the details, but I think we can all agree that Wn8 has been a success. But it's clear at least to me that there is one simple, and fairly significant problem with the system: Continuity Or, better, the lack thereof. Wn8 was intended (and mostly designed) from the beginning as a collaborative and open system, yes? All the calculations were supposed to be open to anyone to look at and try to pick apart and contr
  13. I saw this and immediately thought of the last 100+ pages of discussion! Competitive Gamers Need a Better Way to Measure Their Skills
  14. This is the one that I use. It displays a lot of information, but it keeps it all fairly organic and doesn't add in many extra graphical elements (no new images, save for the Sixth Sense .png, and no new fonts - yes, shameless pimping), including XVM, in a ~4MB dl: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/316189-0811-xvm-config-by-bones-wwn8/ If you go to the Mods & Addons section of either the NA or EU WoT forums, you'll see just about every major XVM config used.
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