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  1. Well I started to get some wins out of it! the 155mm is bloody good! max damage so far 4.4k damage, but still improving, the 155mm gun is a game changer to be honest.
  2. Dang! this is interesting added this to my watch list
  3. Call me crazy, but seriously I Literally can't win in the T30 no matter how good I play... and did I mention that I have the 120mm gun? I totally forgot to mention that... :/ But it doesn't matter... I'm doing fine with it.. but the teams are not giving me any chance...
  4. I see, but even though, the play style you have with it might give me an idea on how to play it, who knows, maybe your replays will do the trick.
  5. Can't wait to see it! Yeah, but I might get back to them, not sure yet^^ Bob is the name Jingles gave to me in his latest "The good, bad and ugly" series xD
  6. Hey everyone and I hope you all doing good^^ So lets get to the story, so I have this Tank T30, a tank I always wanted to have in my garage, a tank I admired a lot and played a lot with it on Test servers and I really liked it, with booth guns, the 120mm and the 155mm. So I bought it few days ago after 169 of amazing games in my T28 Prot. I started to play the T30, first battles were all defeats, I said ok, maybe tomorrow will be better, but nope, things went really really bad, I kept losing match after match, Even when I do so bloody good I always lose no matter how good I play the
  7. No sarcasm or anything, I barely see that tank in battles...
  8. I only saw 4 Chi-Ris in 1 week the hell you talking about? ._. also Chi-Ris are really easy to kill..
  9. If someone saved the sig plz send it to me, coz I installed a new OS... and forgot to back it up(the Sig..) T^T
  10. Had fun to see my stats go this insane but yeah fixing this issue is really needed xD Also the website fixed the stats display, but I would like to know the reason behind that glitch, i'm curious^^
  11. *Heartbreak sound* Woe.. ;-; I'm one of your comrades.. y u do dis ;-; Done. lol.
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