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  1. Working on my way to my 3rd tier 10, and looking for a decent clan to join filled with people at/above my skill level to teach me and/or platoon. Any recomendations et cetera are welcome. I am working towards my third ten, however probably would not be interested in clam wars for some time. Just a platoon clan, stronkholds occasionally and people who I can learn for is really what I am looking for. Preferably active clam. Recent stats are low because of bad recent grind. Already read the sticky thread.
  2. I have several 10s and quite a lot of premiums if interested, I dont play won that much anymore anyway, but you're welcome to use it if you want..
  3. I actually am a very frequent user of my beloved T-34-3 (add me to the list) Highly recommend this thing, definitely my waifu I actually hated it the first 20 battles or so, but setting my mind to get better with it, and I have done so. Amazing piece of machinery, although you cant trust the gun to do shit Victrix its the same gun as on the IS6 for the most part, just a longer reload time, but if you get a chance to try it out on a test server or maybe some friend, try to get a feel for it first. It is a pricy tank after all..
  4. Welcome! The only Chinese tank I've played was the T-34-3 in all honesty, but I do enjoy blaping people with the famous 122! Should I grind down a Chinese line?
  5. I used to hate it as a tank when I had one gifted to me, first 15 battles were great, but after that it wasn't too good. Sitting down and being conservative is the way to play it I think.. Its essentially a heavy tank gun on mobile tracks with minimal armor that can bounce but will not do so reliably. Play it like a mobile heavy that cant take a hit. I swear to RnGesus, the gun on that thing is cursed, IS6, IS, and 122-44 have essentially the same gun and different reload times, but the RNG is not this bad. Plenty a shots will go flying into oblivion before one connects for a wonderful high ro
  6. I would much rather keep my gold for more valuable means.
  7. Type 64 is great, but I prefer some autoloader trolls balance in Stronkholds.
  8. Solo-pubing, is solo-padding, Platooning is avoidance of stupidity of pubs, while enjoying the wins and bringing 3 Jagzillas to the fight.
  9. Now begins the habit of checking whether LABS is top 10, every day..
  10. Screenies, and description provided would give you a good answer during this time of day as a lot of people are at school/work and cant look at the replay.
  11. Waffle always tends to get shot down upon spotting, (a skilled player will stay far away with it) but the E3 is capable of continuously pounding the enemy with shot after shot, while retaining it's HP. I think in a fistfight, a waffle would win, but in the long run, with team support, the E3 is a viable tank.
  12. Malinovka and el haluf need to go, to the same void where Dragon Ridge resides
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