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  1. 0k I have asked this question before and have been told it can't happen period dot. Well once again I've gotten BELOW the minimum damage listed for a shot. To be specific-- target Is6 "Mohawk" on the roof above the gun shield hit for 4 count em 4 points of damage. The roof is not spaced armor or tracks right, just plain armor. here is the screen shot of the hit log showing the 4 points of damage. Please explain how you can't get BELOW minimum damage listed if this occurs.
  2. Describe your ideal training program to take a player from 300ish w8 to "average" green w8 in the following cases 1) no desire to do cw/stronks 2) desire to do cw/stronks. Assume regularly playing tier 6, has only 2 tier 8's, running non premium account, cannot effectively watch streams due to buffering/crash issues, is an older player, slow learner, east coast ping aprox 100 to 200 varies in game as well as game to game. be specific in methods and benchmarks used.
  3. Baron Georg send invite mention wot labs please. Not on nearly as much as WOT/AW though and I've never teamed with anyone in game so i don't know how chat/voice works.
  4. try GOG http://www.gog.com/games/role-playing##search=fallout&sort=bestselling&page=1 I still have an old sys that I run them on with the original cd's but I watch the site for sales. The site is DRM free and reworks the originals to work with modern systems.
  5. going to change name to 3 pen chump. . . . can't seem to get more than 3 pens a game lately.  <frustrated sigh>  maybe AW will be worth the download. . . . .


  6. Can you deal with someone whose ping is avg 120 and fps below 80 while you are attempting to coach them? Does the difference cause issues?
  7. what is your normal fps and ping please?
  8. Looking at 365 day stats from Vbaddict I find I am flatline on the following: avg xp (since 5/29/15), accuracy 6/29, damage dealt 6/29, damage ratio 6/29 and w8 almost flat 6/29. I have been running a T 34/85 for most of that time (I think). Crew not at first skill yet, vents, gld and med ram. Run solo most often, Solo's mod pack installed. What is the most likely game mechanic that I don't understand based on just this information? And could somebody other than Weesh answer this since he seems to be answering my questions all the time (thanks Weesh). ;-)
  9. what/how are you using as an objective measurement to indicate an rng miss as opposed to a plain miss. I'm missing something here.
  10. can't get any replays to open by clicking on them to find out. don't want to upload the wrong one. EDIT: disregard. got replays to work and in both instances it was ping that went crazy. didn't notice ping when in battle. sorry for being an idiot (again).
  11. lot my radio operator in my T-34/85 and reload time doubled why? Ro is not loader. Don't understand that logic.
  12. what tiers would you prefer to help people on?
  13. I had wondered this myself. I would like to offer a few caveats based largely on the replies here . If you are not purple you will not get these numbers as I can attest to as a crappy player by comparison. Likewise if you don't run a select number to tanks, no high silver income. For us unwashed masses, we can only dream of getting this much silver as we struggle up the long and difficult road to play better. YMMV according to your ability.
  14. According to map tactic forums there is an issue with Avast virus software affecting the use of map tactic. It is an ongoing issue for over a year with no restitution. Their forum says to start a support ticket but I don't see any posts where resolution has occurred. I have Avast and have not had any problems with map tactic until 2 weeks ago. Prior to that time I could click on a link to a map tactic in TS without a problem, the link would load and function. Now when I click on the link it goes to the map tactic page, the url matches the TS url, most of the screen is grey(normal for me u
  15. so this discussion begs the question what are "good settings" for those of us still using default mice because we are broke or is this more of a personal preference type settings? I have not messed with settings on either the computer or the game itself. Kinda curious if it matters.
  16. What is a reasonable number of games to get from 77% on first crew skill to 100%? Is about 488 reasonable or absurdly long number of games. Bear in mind my overall is about 419-20, not running prem time, relatively good fps, ping can be a bit wonky but seems to be 120-130 ish.
  17. Thanks for throwing cold water on my attempts at improvement :-) Really sorry that I'm not one of the "kool" kids that can get things quickly. :-) I do and have read lots of things here and will continue to do so. I'm just one of those people who do better by doing vs reading. Guess I'll come back and ask for assistance after I have reached a level of play that is more to your and other mentors liking. That is assuming that you or other potential mentors will actually tell me what that is instead of trying to figure it out by myself. :-) <ducks and runs for cover> we now return
  18. The replies are not what I was looking for, so let me see if I can rephrase this differently. I view a mentor as a frequent contact who can model what I am attempting to learn, be able to explain things multiple ways and times without getting frustrated at me. A person who can talk me down from the frustration of "not getting it" after getting lost or being so far behind the flow of battle. A mentor who will run more than 3-5 battles with me and be done with me either for the evening or for good. I am not looking to be spoon feed. I don't want to ride others success by platooning with th
  19. thanks for the info but I can't afford to pay anyone at the present time.
  20. yes to both but when Zeven runs tanks I don't have I find it difficult to apply. For one thing I have never had a reticule that small, mine stays huge in comparison. I keep a copy of the guides and refer to them fairly often but alas it doesn't stay with me for very long. It doesn't help to shoot at say lfp and have the round either completely miss the target or hit track for 0 damage. With my crew just reaching 100% shots are not consistent. I can't use any of the methods I have been taught to score a second round hit because the gun(s) don't seem to hit the same place twice XD. I se
  21. First off a huge thank you to the mentors that have worked with me in the past. Without you I would still be below 300. I am currently grinding the T-34-85. Overall I am around 400 w8 w/ 10K battles avg damage is around 300ish. Roughly 50% of my hits don't do damage/pen and my survival rate is around 26%. I don't yolo and play solo most of the time. I cannot afford a prem account. Fps is good 40-60 fps but I suffer from lag spikes with an avg ping in the 120s+. Can't follow streams due to only getting 3-5 seconds at a time before buffering for 2-4 min. I have little to no confidence in m
  22. nope ramming has an icon in the damage panel. Anybody else?
  23. I've been told numerous times here on labs that it is impossible to get below minimum damage for a given shell. Well here is a screenshot of 8 pts of damage done to a panther m10 at face hugging range. Someone else got the killing shot. I did not shoot HE. I'm in a stock T34-85. Can anyone explain this amount of damage especially how it can be below the minimum listed for that gun/ammo combination. This is not the first time I have had this happen, just the first time I took a screenshot and sent it here. http://imgur.com/ALYCNNt
  24. @ tanksplosions Thanks! have been toying with the idea of a capcom beep ( ) to do this. couldn't figure out how to do it.
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