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  1. Look at that post-buff bloom values: http://tanks.gg/wot/compare#t:wz-111.c:fcm-50-t.c:fv4202-p as good as some "fire support" vehicles. I'm really looking forward to grinding Swedish tanks but I don't wanna deal with this new Type 59 (or... Tier 8 IS-7?) Notes: I'm on Chinese server where 9.17 comes at Dec. 20th and everyone buys WZ111.
  2. Here you go: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/10/21/vk-72-01-k-initial-changes/ https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/10/21/vk-72-01-k-supertest-armor-changes/
  3. They must have learned this whole thing from Chinese server, a la Type 59 Gold.
  4. Technically I could agree these are buffs as a fact. But still, we are looking at a tier 8 tank which has bad fire control, bad DPM, worst alpha in tier, weak hp/ton and some armor but only when at higher ground. Also good penetration, good shell velocity and -10 gun depression, sure. But 40 km/h is still as meh as tier 8/9 Centurions and more profitability doesn't contribute directly to winning. Is WG suggesting that we should just sprem in this thing? I mean, it's not like WG doesn't know how to buff a tank in a way that actually matters. Just look at that WZ111 and M4 Rxxx megabuff.
  5. For me personally, it's more about ease of use than learning what a tank is capable of. Before I started messing with XVM configs, I was using a contour icon mod to identify vehicle types easier -- TDs are in color blue, heavies are in scary red. You can get a good guess of how the game might be going with a quick glance. Later I ditched contour icon for XVM's {{c:vtype}}, which is still in use now as seen in the screenshot. But I always have to do the math like "they have 3 tier 10 heavies while 2 of them are 50B so let's make it 1" or "we do have an advantage of mediums but most of
  6. Tank role is a thing. Even Wargaming knows this and may implement it in the game someday. So, let's give it a try today maybe? Right now I'm trying to implement this in the easiest way: Steal Wargaming's vehicle role definition Represent each vehicle role with a single character Show the vehicle character via XVM's py_macro extensibility (implemented in 6.3.0, kinda new stuff) With my own XVM config it looks like this for now: Here's my rough definition for each class in case you (probably) don't know what it means: H: heavium, assault tank C: caval
  7. I'm not a hardware person. A short and precise answer could be "I have no idea at all". But I'll try to conjure up a longer version anyway: The rough spec of my machine is: CPU: i5-4690k. Not overclocked for now, might figure out how to do that later RAM: 16G GPU: GTX 960 with 2G memory When I'm streaming with FFmpeg (with x264 as the video encoder, which runs on CPU instead of GPU) in 1280x800 resolution, it can reasonably keep running WoT at 45-60 fps, rarely dropping under 40 fps. This whole setting is kinda acceptable for me. But again, I'm not a hardware person
  8. I'm running latest version(1.9.15 for now) of wine-staging with CSMT enabled in an Archlinux system. WoT works great except for occasional f*ck up when loading textures. But it doesn't happen that often to annoy me and could easily be "fixed" by turning it off and on again. PlayOnLinux could be an easy solution. But manually installing all the dependencies wasn't difficult IIRC. The PlayOnLinux script and Wine App DB both serve as good guides. Configuring fonts for CJK languages in Wine could be a PITA if that might ring you a bell.
  9. Everyone at WoT Chinese server gets T-22 (time limited, 3 days) for clicking a button. Guess I'd better keep myself away from Tier X battles.

    Are there any tanks good at countering those T-22s? I guess arty maybe?

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    2. no_name_cro
    3. WhymeLyu


      @TheMarine0341 Weak turret roof? Thanks. Arty it is. :ohnyes: Besides, I am playing on Chinese server, not SEA.

      @Siimcy Your account have to be registered before 2016 March 14th to be qualified to get this. So um, no T-22 for you.

    4. Siimcy
  10. Just finished MT-9.4 (2k damage on 1 tier higher heavies) with Skoda T50. For a scrublord like me, it's just too hard to do 2k damage to high tier heavies in Pershing / Muts consistently. And I don't have CDC / Obj. 416 in my garage. With the addition of Japanese HT and Czech MT, the list could use a slight update I guess. O-I is just a KV2 with armor. And both O-Ni / O-Ho are (very) capable of finishing HT-4.X with the derp gun. Skoda T50 is good at killing / damaging anything 1 tier higher.
  11. Fire! Fire!fSKYTik.jpg 

    1. ADeadMan1


      Set him on fire twice?

    2. WhymeLyu


      Yep, the victim is the VK 4502B. Mission MT12.4 completed.

  12. Chinese server player here. AFAIK there's no confirmed purchase of this tank at all. Rumor says that it might be priced at 10K+ CNY but I haven't seen a single video / stream / screenshot of a purchased one yet. Maybe Wargaming hasn't decided how to implement Chieftain exactly otherwise it should be purchasable (if not to be implemented on tech tree) at Chinese server already. Since 9.12 time-limited Chieftains have been handed out to some video producers / streamers / people who paid lots of money. Besides, there were some events in which you can win time-limited Chieftain as well. Right
  13. 4202P mission started on Chinese server with the exact same mission requirements as on EU/RU/SEA server. Chinese players are really happy with this unexpected equality.

  14. First post on a new blog, yaye. In case you haven't figured out: CSI stands for Chinese Server Insanity, which is obvious. Consider that I already have a WoT blog written in Chinese, guess I should make this blog like, what, introducing what it's like to play at Chinese server for you the curious ones. So here we go: time-limited premium tanks. This feature is lanched with patch 0.9.4. You can rent a premium tank for 30 days with roughly 1/4 of the full price. But in practice I believe there aren't many tanks actually rented w/ gold. Since you can actually buy premium tanks at a much
  15. WhymeLyu

    Type 62

    Quoting myself here: This seems to be no longer true since 9.9. Type 62 is now properly balanced as a scout when matchmaking, albeit it's not mentioned in the patch notes. WG is actually fixing things.
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