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  1. I'd say once every 12 hours is pretty good. Failing that, once a day.
  2. Barely got to play any Tanks this weekend :( Stupid internet connection

  3. Using a mobile connection in South Africa to play is fucking horrible and unstable. Today I am getting 350-380ms with REGULAR spikes up to 700.

  4. How the fuck do you get less than 40% WR? You get bots that just sit in cap the whole game who have a higher WR!
  5. That's it... I have decided to buy pizza for supper.

    1. RutgerS


      Order some for me too

  6. NO! Bad medium! Drowning is for arty! (sorry, couldn't resist)
  7. I tend to durp out a bit and do really stupid things, normally followed by the phrase: "Goddammit, that was stupid of me." I also tend to tunnel vision every now and then.
  8. Ohayou Gozaimasu, Oneeechan! I have recently started focusing on playing only Mediums and TDs and my WN8 is increasing as a result. (Dat Cromwell <3) I am also busy starting on the Russian medium line (T34) and the Japanese medium line. I tend to play my T34 similar to my Cromwell and it is working out pretty decently so far, but the reason I am posting is to ask you about the Japanese mediums. How would you recommend I play this line? The way I have been doing it is to sit far behind everyone else and start sniping, but I tend to find myself getting irritated with waiting for t
  9. They must of made a really good sacrifice to RNGesus.
  10. Easy 8's turret (excluding gun) is 4,800 kg 13 75's turret (excluding gun) is 2,900 kg
  11. The True Purpose Of Steam Sales
  12. If it doesn't, it should! Also, thanks to Nekommando for repairing the damage done to my rep by a clicker.
  13. Arty players, your search for the perfect gaming mouse for your strenuous clicking is finally over. I am here to tell you that there is now a stronk mouse that is PERFECT for you! You are welcome.
  14. Don't just rely on cvshaft to get better. Start reading up on the game mechanics. Seeing as you said you rage at invisible tanks, start with the spotting and camo mechanics. ( http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/tired-invisible-tanks-using-the-vision-system-in-world-of-tanks/ ) Best of luck to you!
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