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  1. Would you consider the LTTB to be a keeper for players who enjoy Light Tanks? It looks pretty solid other than the gun depression. Although that could just be how it looks with you playing it. Thanks.
  2. DM I know you purples pretty much create your own luck..... a skill I have yet to acquire, but good god man, fortune was laughing with you all the way through the STB replays Hidden Village, you go to the center hill..... uncontested. That hill is always contested! Then when an enemy pushes you, he's firing HE! Trading 30-80 hp shots for your 180. Erlenberg Assault, you go downtown, constantly firing into their sides and nobody comes to dig you out. They take a couple of pot shots, but otherwise let you go about your business until a T-54 flies across open ground taking repeated shots from you, then when he gets tracked, he turns his gun the other way! Away from the only guy firing at him! They get you in the end, but it was merely cleanup and farming time for you. Great job in both games, taking advantage of situations that present themselves. I don't know what else to say about what I saw there.... Thanks again.
  3. DM, Thanks for the light tank replays, please keep them coming. I hated the T21, but you make it look pretty good. The T49 Fisherman's Bay first shot was pretty spectcular! 1400 damage first shot, long range, fire in the first 20 seconds of the match. Dude was raging. I've heard a lot of crying about the accuracy of the T49 gun, but you hit almost every shot, even at long range. Was this just an atypical accuracy match or do you find it hits the target if you're patient? Again, thanks for the LT replays.
  4. Thanks for the old thread. I love the Panther, but was struggling mightily with the Panther II. Turns out I was running the wrong gun, the 75 just doesn't get it done, but after looking at this thread, saw that the uni's preferred the 88. Now I know why. What a difference, and only about 2.5 second difference in reload. First game out hit 2100 damage.... not outstanding, but considering I had a game with the 75 where I hit and penned 11 shots and only did around 1200 damage...... goodbye 75, hello success! Thanks
  5. Evroz, LTTB game Fjords. When you are double bushed on the north hill, B8, what is your escape route since you were on the front side of the slope? To the Right (north)? Generally when I go that direction, the enemy pushes some tanks that way, making it difficult to stay there. Very fortunate for you the enemy ignored the B line. Opened up a big game for you. Well played.
  6. From post 366. The E-25 game on Erlenberg Ruinberg. What did you see right at the beginning that told you you would be able to just sit in the middle of an elevated road for 2/3 of the match? I mean, you went directly there and stopped. Interesting that the clown S-51 who wanted you to follow him for some reason, also tried to team kill you at the end.
  7. Ok, the light bulb above my head just lit up. That would explain a whooooole lot of things. Appreciate the information and the quick reply.
  8. Well, I'm going to sound like a complete noob for not knowing this. But here goes. I've noticed you guys getting a lock with auto-aim without a direct line of sight to the target, like when you are on the backside of a hill. Is it simply a matter of backing the camera view up until the target is outlined? If so, i'm ashamed I haven't noticed it before.
  9. Thanks sr360, I have tried some 8.5 replays in 8.6 and they won't play correctly. I appreciate the help.
  10. I don't think this is a thread hijack. please let me know if out of line. Would one or some of the unicums who play the T37 be willing to post some replays of their games with it , 9.6? I have started trying more light tank play, and I think I have recently turned the corner with the WZ-131 and 132, but the T37 has me baffled. Replay help would be greatly appreciated, either here or in the unicum replay forum. Thanks for any help.
  11. Over the last two weeks FlashPoint has added a number of tankers to our ranks, including the remaining members of [bULK] which folded. They have been a great addition, and have fit in very well. We are glad to have them, and welcome them and all the other new players to our group.
  12. Flash welcomes PrincessPats and YouBastard to our group. Always looking for more tankers. Laid back, easy going, no pressure clan. Check us out of this is a description of you. Thanks!
  13. My only tale of woe so far is completing two of the missions........but then realizing I forgot to hit the start button. What a dumbass. My win rate has gone into the dumpster since the beginning of the WZ mission. Recent had been 58-59% for almost 4 months. It's gone into a tailspin since people started tunnelvisioning the WZ and now the PM missions. I am not to the "able to carry the majority of my matches" ability yet, and win by trying to be where I need to be, when I need to be there, and helping my team-mates. It seems that is getting harder to do. And I am paying for it.
  14. FlashPoint welcomes Spawn19 to our group! Glad to have him with us.
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