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  1. astewart

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    SexXxi ranking... 4/11 would not buy
  2. Glorious! Thank you very much for this. A true wotlabber Stronk set up. Those fuel tank fires are a thing of the past.
  3. Is there a way to change the viewpoint in a replay to another tank? 430m ammo rack of an M41 from an IS3 would make a glorious GIF if i can get the perspective... For anyone who cares... Racked a WZ-111 earlier too http://wotreplays.com/site/2876733#siegfried_line-astewart1802-is-3
  4. Mini Leo with the 3cm and dead eye for the crackling that is t29 engines on fire.
  5. I prefer the super pershing to the is6. I can't make the is6 work anymore.
  6. That makes sense. Was a bit shocked when I saw it.
  7. Copy and pasted straight from the EU portal! "Dear Commanders, We’d like to thank you for your continued support of the game. The amount of passionate feedback we have been receiving from you, about the upcoming version, is showing us once more how invested you all are in the future of World of Tanks. Community feedback is crucial for us in making the best gaming experience possible. Your responses on update 10.0 “Rubicon” have shown us loud and clear that we will not meet all your expectations for the upcoming version. You all have spoken, so we have made major changes
  8. I think this is the issue... If I connect my pc to the router I get about 20mbs downstream but I'm using a range extender which says it has a bandwidth 50mbs to the router. I have to do this to get a reliable signal.
  9. I'd rather get to the bottom of the issue than just plaster over it but that's what I'm doing in the interim
  10. If I play tanks with nothing else going on I'm very happy at a stable 40m/s of ping. All hail If god forbid I fancy some modern popular music such as the Beatles played on Youtube then everything goes to shit. Every time a new video starts I get a ping spike to 999m/s and lose control for about 10 seconds. Anyone know why / have any fix suggestions?
  11. It is very stale. Just started a new account and himmelsdorf for the third time in a row is a definite killer. So far the Leo 16.02 has more open and varied mm but su85 and t34 are very limited in the maps they see. Redshire, himmelsdorf and steppes feature heavily if memory serves
  12. All true but a third of the pings and way less random DCs makes it worthwhile unless WG puts in a shameless account transfer for serious $$
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