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    Anime tiddy. Yaoi boys, Yuri. Watching my friends cancer up General chat. Getting permabanned from the WoT forums then getting it reversed because I asked nicely.

    Bothering Clanmates with Yaoi.
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  1. I was reading through my monthly scientific journals when I came across something rather interesting from the annals of history. I showed it to my boyfriend and he insisted on posting it here, as you guys would probably find it the most interesting :^)
  2. You guys better have a good lawyar and some bleach handy. The bleach is to get rid of the anime trash :^)
  3. I may not be as good as Assad, but the fv215b has great armor. Honestly I'm just trying to be optimistic about the Chieftain. I do want to keep the FV tho.
  4. if someone has rommel or patton in their name they're almost always a sub-46%er. On mobile now but will screenshots from the x5 weekend because it gives me sooo much material.
  5. Somebody got RO'd for all caps a few hours before this, so the zeal is real as it were. #Mdoeration2015
  6. I love my STA-2, something about it is just fun. It's comfortable to play, and it's reliable.
  7. Shaming myself for only doing 77 damage on mountain pass in my Lorraine 155 51, IN CLAN WARS.
  8. Pershing and 416 are both gud, but I'm partial to the STA and the Centurion I. The only T8 med I don't like is the T69. Fuck that thing with a cactus.
  9. I'd have it as a toss-up between the holy trinity of AMX 50 100, IS-3, and T32. There are a lot of runners-up, but those three reign supreme.
  10. I want to be a part of this so very very badly! I'll reactivate my Skype account just for this, and then I can learn to be gud with -G--senpai!
  11. UI change is nice. Everything else seems pretty standard for an update
  12. Usually it's Lert's guides that they post. So this could be a good thing.
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