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  1. expell3d

    140 ammoracked?

    I unlocked the 140 a week or two ago and after playing some games in it I love it to pieces. One thing though, I feel like it gets ammo racked very frequently. Anyone else experience this? Or am I just showing my side armor too often?
  2. Yea thats the thing. If we are ranking game breaking mechanics of this game. Im probably gonna put arty and the Waffle before I say the 183. The 183 is stupidly powerful but is not game breaking like the wt e100 or arty. Perhaps its just bias because I love seeing waffle drivers suffer. And knowing there is a tank out there with the ability to one shot a waffle gives me great pleasure. If a waffle driver is miserable then I am happy
  3. expell3d

    T-54 stock grind

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone had advice for me, right now Im stock grinding the t-54 and I'm having trouble penning shots with this 100mm lb-1 you unlocked at the t-44, this stock grind is the WORST thanks in advance
  4. So long ago the m48 was really good, then it got hit by serbs nerfbat You have the magical power of re balancing a tank and serb cant do anything about it. How do you make the m48 competitive again, or even clan wars viable?
  5. I'm interested if your willing to take a scrub with you
  6. Hey there, looking for some bros to compete in this tournament. If you were not aware the tournament is a tier 3 round robin with the grand prize being a type 59 and e-25 So leave a comment below if your interested, thanks in advance! Oh yea right, here's a link to the tournament page http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/tournaments/ultimate-tanker/
  7. Looking for mentor/platooning buddy, grinding t44 right now, russian medium line will be first tier ten. Im pretty terribad orange but I am improving So yea I'd like to get to know you guys
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