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  1. I'm not sure if it fits the discussion here, but I'd like to share my five cents about arty. It's really strange that WG didn't manage to solve their arty problem so far. Game design isn't really that hard. Right now they are working on a solution that won't work IMHO. Being perma-stunned by arty will not be less frustrating than being hit for half of your HP. Playing arty-safe isn't going to be less problematic due to increased splash. Playing arty with it's current ridiculous mobility, reload and aim time will still be boring. I know they excluded it from the 9.17.1, but they'll continue
  2. OK, I'll try to sum this up. I was looking for a stealthy tank that can also fight on ridges. Decent gun handling and gun depression is a must, because I simply cannot into unhandy guns. Amazing camo or turret armor isn't a must, it just needs to be OK, because I usually do good playing hulldown or in bushes. Good pen is "should have", because I'm stingy. It doesn't need to have any hull armor, DPM, etc. It's ok if it sucks on city maps. It should do good on positions similar to those marked on maps (example situations): 1. Sand river behind the knocked tree. Peek carefully, sp
  3. Visible red outline doesn't mean there's no hard cover between part of your target and your gun. Make sure you don't hit the cover. Usually you just need to aim at the upper parts of the enemy tank.
  4. BTW, there is a med that has it all and even more: T-34-85. Alpha advantage, great turret armor, decent mobility, it can brawl, acceptable gun depression, suprisingly good camo, nearly no module damage. It doesn't have exceptional penetration, but its tier 6, so you're not loosing credits even when you shoot a lot of prem. Its decent at everything, but with practice and great crew it becomes great at everything. Perfect match for the current meta IMHO: you can snipe from bushes AND you can play hull-down. There are two problems though: first, its tier 6, so it spoils me and detaches me f
  5. I really liked the Indien, but it felt like a great tank debiliated by one stat: aim time. I'm not sure if it was me unable to get around it or the tank. Is it possible to learn over time how to hit targets of opportunity or snap shot in it? Indien minus its absymal aim time is exactly that tank I'm looking for.
  6. Yes! I hope that Cents will soon get that mobility buff and I'll rebuy the Cent 1 or get the Cent 7/1. @Fianii Alpha isn't on the list, because I forgot about it I know I can't get everything, but half of my *requirements* are optional, I'd be happy with a tank that meets 2/3 of these criteria. I'm wondering if I should try the Panther. Judging by stats it doesn't have any camo, but it still looks like a decent mix of mobility, view range, firepower and turret bounciness. Is that true? I didn't play the Panther since beta.
  7. Hey Fianii, thx for your suggestion. Let's not exclude premiums, although it's not very probably I'll decide to buy a premium. Patton KR seems great, but... that painting... just nope.
  8. SIEMA PL! I'm bored with my meds and I want a new one. It would be nice if I could avoid spending 2M credits on some flop, like my recent Charioteer purchase. So I need your suggestions what tank should I buy. Generally I play 45% ridge fights, 45% stalking from bush to bush, 10% brawling for key positions. I do good in Pershing, T20, T-34-85. It doesn't need to be a med Tier 6-9 Cheap to drive: good pen on basic ammo; Pershing and Comet are great, but a little bit too expensive It should be able drive at least 50km/h Decent to good gun handling Decent to go
  9. It took me over 1000 battles to come back to playing at the same level as before my 1-year break. I made a thread about that, although I didn't get a clear answer. http://goo.gl/xkVfNT From my experience I can say that maps play slightly different and you need to learn to predict the new battle flow. You have a problem with survivability (25-30%). In my case reviewing own replays to understand what kind of common mistakes kill me helped.
  10. It seems that im still able to play above 3k wn8 on tier 8 and 9 tanks, while tiers 5 and 6 doesn't work for me anymore. Apparently bumpy maps made everyone move at random instead of camping and now the game is too unpredictable for tanks like T67 or even t-34-85, at least for me.
  11. Guys, what has changed in WoT between november 2014 and nov 2015? I didn't play WoT in this period. Now my recent stats are lower than my average. I was able to 67% wr solo on T67. Now T67 doesn't work for me at all. DPG on my T-34-85 that worked like a charm dropped by 1/3 My recent WN8 dropped from 2.8k to 2.1k Drops concern all my tanks My only premium is IS-6, tank that I don't really love. Previously I was able to reach 2.2k-2.5k WN8 on IS-6. Now the expected DPG for 2.5k WN8 is like 2.7k, which seems absurd to me, I'll never manage to sustain it. Everyone pens my IS-6 roo
  12. I just calculated my average WN8 per map using the Replay Analyzer and Excell. Am I bad on some maps or are those designed to make everyone equal? Map WN8 Mountain Pass 2277 Severogorsk 2277 Steppes 2477 Arctic Region 2564 Pearl River 2599 Fjords 2621 Serene Coast 2713 Northwest 2743 Abbey 2757 Fiery Salient 2801 Fisherman's Bay 2802 Windstorm 2829 Kharkov 2837 Lakeville 2840 Ensk 2905 Karelia 2963 Tundra 3012 Cliff 3016 Airfield 3117 Siegfried Line 3149 Murovanka 3173 Hidden Village 3187 Himmelsdorf 3195 Mines 3196 Highway 3284 South Coast 3295 Sacred Valley 3361 Malinovka 3374 Ruinberg 3
  13. Poltto, why do you never swapp ammo? Sometimes you fire AP, miss weakspots or bounce, but keep using AP. Sometimes you switch to APCR and keep using it even if its not necessary anymore.
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