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  1. Assault is my favorite game mode! Love Sand River, Siegfried Line and Karelia on Assault!
  2. Don't know about you guys, but for me this thing feels it has the camo of a Maus. That's why I think camo net won't play a huge difference.
  3. Low tier cap sounds good and I hope it will be implemented. At low tier, you play with high skill crews and top consumables vs people with stock tanks. Unfair. At tier 10, you play vs people who usually have the same set-up as you. I would suggest an uncapped tier 10 and a different cap on low tiers... it can even be as low as 25*tier number, or the number of battles a tank is usually played to unlock the next tank.
  4. Wait, that cap takes into account the "recent" battles on that tank? So, if my tank is capped at 600 battles and I have 1200 battles on that tank, the battles which will count will be the ones from 600 to 1200 or the ones from 1 to 600? I was thinking that once you cap a tank, there is no way to change how that tank will influence your overall. I was thinking it will take only your first battles and that's it. If it takes the recent, then I guess everything should be alright.
  5. I see it differently. WN8 allows you play whatever tank you want. It does not force you to play anything. If you improved, your rating will go up with any tank you play. Don't get me wrong... I don't find statpadding in lower tiers a good thing and for sure capping tanks would fix that. But capping tier X tanks (most of which are already elite to begin with) is too much considering tier X means endgame. WN9 forces you to play new tanks or rebuy old tanks. It doesn't matter if I improved or not. Take for example my E50M: It doesn't matter that I can play my E50M for 4k WN8 now, becaus
  6. If the formula is 200 + ( battles / 50 ), doesn't that mean that I need to play a selection of 50 different tanks in order to never get capped? If i have 10 tier X capped tanks, I need 50 battles to increase that cap by 1. 5 battles on every tank will increase the cap for those tanks by 1 => if you only want to play those 10 tanks, your 5 battles will count as 1 for your WN9. This coupled with the lower WN9 scale will result in a very, very slow WN9 raise. It would be great if you'll multiply the cap for tier X in order to be able to play 10 tier X without getting them capped. Being ab
  7. I don't like the idea of having tanks capped at a number of battles since I would like to play only tier X (already have many tier Xs capped). If I want to improve my WN9, I cannot play the tanks I like anymore and it just forces me to "go back" and fix my stats on other lower tier tanks (< X) which are not capped. I don't wanna feel forced to rebuy tier IXs, etc.. only to improve my WN9 score. I understand that this is a measure to stop padding a certain tank but basically, the endgame is tier X. Maybe having only tier X uncapped would be better. Other than that, great job! Reall
  8. I Alt+Tab instantly and I play from a 2 years old laptop. i7, 8GB RAM, GTX 765m, SSD. I use Windows 10 and all my drivers are up to date. My resolution is 1920x1080 and graphics are set on low (for best fps) with the exception of Draw Distance and Object LOD, which are set to maximum. Foliage transparency is also ticked. I get good FPS, 60-110.
  9. Hey X3N4, you forgot to link the T62A pack. We have just the mines battle.
  10. Agree, but this doesn't mean WN is a viable metric. Because it is polluted by all these factors: stock grinds, newbie times, stat-padding, re-rolling, etc.. ARL v39 was just an example. Compare the stats of one guy who is free exp-ing all modules and grinds to one who is actually grinding... yeah, great difference. Overall WN8 is hard to be taken seriously because it's so polluted. Ask recruiters from any top clan. Are they looking for the overall WN8 or WN8/tier X, rWN8? Any bob can artificially inflate his stats, you really don't have to be that good. The only way to fix it is to m
  11. I had the same feeling when I activated assault and encounter 10k battles ago. One great benefit is that it forces you to learn new positions and new places on the map... making you an overall better player.
  12. For me, the perfect metric should eliminate rerolls, stock grinds, newbie times, stat-padding. It should be recent (last 100 battles/tank) and selective (apply only for competitive tanks + all tier X). Who cares about the WN8 you get on an ARL v39? There can easily be made a list with the tanks used in CW6, CW8, ESL, etc.. Add all tier Xs over that and you have your tank pool. If you want to show up your stats, do it in some proper and useful tanks... Individual stats for the rest of the tanks can still show up but not add to the overall. Skill is measured mostly for competitive play: to
  13. Rick and Morty is my favorite one! Also, Samurai Jack is coming back!
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