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  1. Just curious what has happened in CWs the last 2/3 years. Fill me in folks.
  2. Argued with callers orders in battle Actively avoided CWs And as recently seen poor attitude... So he got the big boot.
  3. Yea, I talked to your wife yesterday, sorry I didn't give you more info. I've got commander back and during war time I expect at least 3 teams nightly, so I'm purging players till I achieve that on a consistent basis (44 tonight, but the active numbers on are way too up and down). I appreciated your time in our clan and loved to have you around! It's mostly sending a message to the players, (I kicked 3 yesterday, 1 left before he was kicked and one is still left on the chopping block..his stream channel was deleted). I kicked the people who actively avoided CWs, inactives will be removed i
  4. I'd Argue Purple Dawn because it was more "global".
  5. I occasionally check on CR/D to see what errybody is up to, and well anime poasting is horrible and all, but they are the main life force of CR/D now, I think most clans and clan leaders are too afraid to stir the shit, and with a smaller map and more parity between clans, wars are going to be much more costly, so no one wants to start one anymore because if you lose conflicts you'll drop down a level or two due to your talent bleeding out. The other thing is that characters that bring their own unique posts and content are leaving. I feel that I brought a different piece to the puzzle, as
  6. Clan Wars add a role playing element to an otherwise monotonous game. When I want something fun to happen CWs give me the place to cause it, I use a theme and create a clan around that theme to enhance the experience of the players inside my clan. I also use personas to help me have fun, as right now I am Hogan, so if I return and decide to cause shit.. NWO Hogan is the way i'll do it. Then I'll get bored and move to another name. Make the game fun any way you can. Gold from clan wars is a thank you for being a part of the clan, also it helps pay for the game and for Commanders who shouldn
  7. Congrats on the weight loss! currently doing that myself! God help me for posting this....
  8. I'm retired from tanks. I shall return someday. May the Matchmaking be good and the RNG roll in your favor! Praise be to Serb! GET DUNKED! http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/399402-voncurrydenniszodmanhollywoodhulkhogan-the-final-sperg/

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger


      You just went full Chair. Never go full Chair

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      did you save the page or something? looks like its been deleted, i love a good sperg :(

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      plz don't die like Chair :[

  9. I believe you are mistaken, Wril is in RUS. Boboftw is one of my A-team guys.

    1. Solono


      Steal his steroids out of the locker room.

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      *"THE SUPER PERSHING" - Canadiantrex

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