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  1. 1. What made you choose the navy over other branches of service? 2. What was your occupation in the navy?
  2. Ofoz

    World of Codes

    Thank you.
  3. I would change arty to be more like Battlefield 1942 arty. Basically, a player in a light tank could request arty support. The arty player accepts the request and then sees the target through the eyes of the light tank. The arty will have a special crosshair that helps him to walk the shots on to the target. The target will see the shots coming and has time to move, if he can. If the shot lands it would be devastating to the target. Arty would be limited to a max of 2 per team. Arty reload and accuracy would be buffed to accommodate the Battlefield aiming changes. Extra XP would be giv
  4. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/e2e61a63-f9dd-4aba-a8fe-b4bef6906b42/mrtstubexe-malware-or-not?forum=winserversecurity
  5. Do you think Blizzard will ever make World of Starcraft as a successor to WoW? Any funny stories you can tell about dealing with WoW players?
  6. Where I work sells gold and silver ingots in 5 and 10 ounce sizes. We do our own refining so I can probably provide the copper and nickel but it would be in the form of casting grain. I can ask our metallurgist where to get the others next time I see him.
  7. I'll be 52 in July. I have 2 kids older than most of you
  8. This is old but it might help you figure out what some of the macros represent. https://code.google.com/p/wot-xvm/source/browse/trunk/release/doc/macros.txt?r=3412
  9. You may or may not like it. Let me know what you think.
  10. 1. What do you do for a living? Are you motivated to do what you do or is it simply a way to earn your living I'm a tool and die maker for a large jewelry manufacturer. I design and build the molds, stamping dies and tooling that people in the plant use to make any piece of jewelry you can imagine. We also take precious metals and make them into wire, tube and sheet for small jewelers that make their own custom designs. We use a lot of recycled metals and it's one of our selling points. When you sell your ex-wife's wedding rings to Cash For Gold we are one of the places it will end up at.
  11. So if I can honestly answer no to all of those am I a bad person?
  12. Architecture student turns a bus into an RV with repurposed gym floor. http://imgur.com/gallery/O60xd The small wood stove is a nice touch in this one.
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