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  1. I think that we should have a real discussion about correlation between WR and tanks (Tier 6+) Green = HTs Gold = MTs Violet = TDs Orange = LTs Black = Cancers Tier 6 Top WR 1. SU-100Y 53.5% 2. KV-2 51.9% 3. T37 51.5% Bottom WR 41. Nashorn 46.4% 42. VK 30.02 (M) 46.2% 43. ARL V39 45.3% Tier 7 Top WR 1. SU-122-44 54.3% 2. M41 Walker Bulldog 52.7% 3. LTTB 52.6% Bottom WR 41. Aufklarungspanzer Panther 47.4% 42. Sturer Emil 47.2% 43. AMX 13 75 46.5% Tier 8 Top WR 1.Spahpanzer RU251 53.2% 2.KV-5 52.9% 3.M6A2E1 52.4% Bottom WR 46. Ferdinand 47.4%
  2. IS-6 All you have to think is AP or APCR
  3. Another idea, FV4202 so you will have a chance getting it for free or do a mission to get it when it turns into a Tier 8 premium tank. If you are looking for a clan that focus on Clan War, getting both T-62A and Object 430 will increase a huge chance of being selected. The more Tier X the better.
  4. Get the T57 Heavy first and then get the T-62A. And if you have gone through Object 416 line, get the Object 430 next.
  5. It means you can start an E100 line at Tier 8.
  6. LOL I find that pretty amusing NA- USA all green USSR all red RU - USSR all green USA all red
  7. E 50M because you can get both Tiger II and Panther II through Panther.
  8. Heavies - IS-3,110,AMX 50 100,T32. 112 has its potential though but nobody uses it. KV-5 sometimes. Mediums - T69,Pershing,Object 416. FCM 50t sometimes. Lights - AMX 13 90,RU251. WZ-132 is obsolete now. T49 is unreliable. T-54 Light sometimes. TDs - Borsig and ISU. Cancer - don't I'm fine wih all of them. just don't be a selfish guy who runs T28 Proto, Lowe or rubbish like that. Tiger II is pretty popular but pls don't use it. It's just rubbish. Slow, armor sucks, meh gun.
  9. Garbad, I'm wondering why you sell Tier X tanks. Isn't it something you should not sell? And according to the screenshot,you have plenty of garages left.
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