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  1. Out of curiosity, how long does it take for the game to process the recent patch? Since I'm at 33% from an previous attempt, takes an excess of 2 hours to scan 16,000 files, then shit happens or my allotted online gaming time expires early.
  2. I'm kind of confused as to how someone could get banned for repeatedly criticizing an game. To me, PvE is boring and PvP just isn't worth it. I just stopped playing an week ago because of the credit grinding at Tier 5.
  3. I'm not sure how viable supports are. I generally dislike the role since I can't split-push as an support champion. I prefer anyone who can solo an lane or has an lot of health and damage output. And why does no one slays the Dragon in PvE? The first two stacks are useful if you want an quick win.
  4. Can confirm: I can't be trusted with his global Ult. I'll wind up stealing my team's Gold.So anyways, my Yasuo replay. Keep in mind that I'm only Lv. 17 and this is my second fight with him.
  5. I have an few questions about tkis game. Why is it so easy to piss someone off by not playing an certain way? It's not just in-game either; I'm on the verge of being banned from tvtropes for admitting that I rarely use chat and showing how I play an champion of the week in PvE (they think I'm trolling and expect me to be banned in-game for being inconsiderate). I dislike using chat because I know that I'm an asshole , but it's not worth being banned for that. So how many of you are silent to your team?
  6. What do I want from OE? More creative scenarios in PvE instead of "X took over this facility, kill them all" or "Y is attacking this village" instead of an convoy mission or an battle against an actual boss than an officer's upgraded tank. And enemy radio chatter wouldn't hurt either. As for balance, I don't have an stake in that argument; aside from making ATGMs easier to aim.
  7. So here's something that I did this morning. Filmed around an hour ago. And here's the results since I pressed the wrong key.
  8. So how do I deal with the fact that I'm kill #14 because I'm too slow to save an losing flank? Because that happened to me on that island map: North side falling apart. I was on my own, trying to approach the airfield from the south before I decided to take an Viking's death. And I got wish: Lost to Echii's VBL and 2 more AFVs after doubling back to our spawn.
  9. To nobody's surprise, it's related to the Chieftain Mk.5. But this also expands to the OF-40 and my Sheridan, as well. I can understand the Sheridan being bad since I haven't unlock the second gun yet. I mainly use Armor-Piercing rounds on the OF-40 and Chieftain. But my issue is an combination of being too slow to retreat and not having enough firepower to actually be useful. Granted, the Chieftain can deal some damage, But it dies too fast in most of the maps that I get (i blame inability to hull-down on demand) due to the fragile hull. I can't really fight an tier 6 or 7 without dealing an
  10. In my experience, it doesn't take too long to get an PvP fight. PvE easy @ tier 5 on the other hand, is an different story. The highest I've gotten in AW is my only Tier 5: The Chieftain, but even then it;s still disappointing. As for the teams, an lot of people migrated from WoT, what did you expect, an bunch of Harvard graduates playing AW? As for server population; I would say that it's in beta and it's new, but that horse has been mauled to death.
  11. I would say file an ticket, but you'll probably get an cut-and-pasted response. I would say start an thread on their forums...Congratulations! You have been RO'd for: Disputing the moderation/Posting for the sole purpose of causing unrest/Nonconstructive topic/Naming & Shaming/Encouraging EULA violations. Quite the paradox, isn't it?
  12. Well I can't sidescrape with it without being penned. Can't exactly snipe partly because of map design, camo loss, and bad mobility; but not because of the accurate gun. I can occassionally pen an MBT's LFP as I get raped (again, low armor rating on my part). I have nearly every module unlocked, but it still feels like an D.W.2 to me.
  13. Is it wrong that I'm sniping with ATGMs in this thing? Because I've got it not too long ago, preferred using the missiles at the first MBT that I see at 300+ meters since brawling isn't an option. I wind up getting 2 or 3 hits in on them before I get destroyed.
  14. I can't figure out how to edit my sig on here... And what's up with the anime hate?
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