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  1. I read somewhere to treat all your tanks as they had the armor of a hellcat. only take damage when it is advantageous. I am not saying to depart from the tanks particular role just be judicious with your hit points.. at least that is what I read. I have mixed results sometimes my bloodlust gets the best of me. when I do the correct thing it works more often than not.
  2. I have used autoaim once in about 6k battles that was yesterday in a French autoloader circling an arty. I don't see the need for it except for a few isolated circumstances
  3. I'm the proud owner of a KV1s my play is a mixed bag I do ok at times, but I want to get better at driving it. I know someone can help me out with the Straight Skinny on the KV1S...
  4. I have been playing WOT since 28 Dec I held off from installing it for over a year because I know I would be hooked and hooked I am. Retired U S A F. played minitures in the 70's I remember decimal dice and working out Lined of sight with a piece of thread. I have a wish ( no need to get better at this) i am of the philosophy that if one man can do a thing then another man can. I do not like the excuses I hear in the pubs. I if do badly its mainly because of me... looking foorward to learning...
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