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  1. Hi, could you add PRAV? Clam Wars Clan http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000007241 Req Reqs: 1200 Recent Win8 1 TierX
  2. Greetings! Looking for a large and built up community based around the GuP anime? Also looking for a clan that is active in Clan Wars and in tournaments? Then look no farther than the GuP Alliance clan Pravda! Located on the NA server, we are now recruiting active members for Clan Wars and tournaments! We do require communication and the ability to cohesively work together as a team in a Clan wars battle setting. Stat requirements are as such: 1200 most recent WN8 A single Tier 10 Tank TS3​ Please contact: Ivan0089, mogymog, winterblaze, KnightedSpartan for mor
  3. I wanna join IOC, but I r not redz enuf! And I dont put camo on my E100. I suck!!
  4. Well it started happening again, Had a bunch of games it was fine. 2nd match today it did it. My temps aren't that bad, it's only 52c for my card, which is well within it's tolerance level and acceptable. So meh, clearly it's just crappy game code, and I should just live with it.
  5. Ok, well trying it again. Apparently, if I don't change /any/ of the settings in improved mode, it works fine. So, I have no idea what overall was causing it, one of the sliders apparently didn't agree with my card and caused the problem.
  6. its an 850+, so easily has enough power.. and yeah, I've done all the driver uninstall/reinstall stuff. But it only happens on WOT and only using the improved graphics. So, if it is my card, it's a very selective flaw in it.
  7. So, like everyone when the improved graphics first came out I used it, but it caused massive problems so stooped using it. Recently as in the past few days after like 2 patches I figured I'd try it again, it looks really nice but after 1-2 games it starts black then white screening and giving me the damned 'Display driver has crashed' error forcing me to terminate WOT and restart it. I've tried 2 different driver versions, I've tried a few things I found on the wot forums, nothing seems to work. One of those was disabling vertical sync in both the game which was off, and the Nvidia display dri
  8. Yeah! listen to Hi, he's the man! He knows all that stuffs.. and stuff!
  9. Well glad you're holding on and doing what you feel is best for you Buns. It sucks when family does stuff like that, cause Family is whats most important in life. But sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do... And the truly funny part is this part 'God created MAN in HIS OWN IMAGE', so is she trying to say that women aren't created by god? Or aren't in his image? So, women are created in the image of random particles, I never knew that. By going by the holy book, women are just as created in Gods image as man is, so you aren't doing anything against God, you are simply changing yourself
  10. Awww if only I didn't know what MLP was. One on one tutoring in it sounds awesome! Ooh and hi apparent allies. Here's a bump cause why not.
  11. Bah.. hell no! How am I supposed to mock your kind, and laugh at you. If I'm not here?
  12. I'm almost dark green, just a few points shy. I was amazed, cause just the other day, I was like sitting at a shitty recent, and suddenly BAM! Almost 1600. Clearly wotlabs is screwing up my recent.
  13. 268s have almost 14 second flat reload time, do a shit ton of dmg, can bounce an incredibly a lot of shit, are still decently agile and can turn fast.. IS4s massive trolley turret, 9 second reload time. Get an IS4 hulled down, or in the right spots, and it can bouncy anything you shoot at it. I mean, there ya go.. plus what everyone else said, pre268 nerf. They are still dangerous as hell though, and in the right hands, those 2 tanks are suicidaly dangerous.
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