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  1. Ye, he msged me yesterday with that message aswell. Didn't answer, so no Italian swearing here.
  2. Shaming my entire team except that IS-4 and Conq who went up hill with me...
  3. I am listening to coldplay and cri in my pillow since two days ...
  4. Meh. I was 3 days afk to read this now. I am sad, this was literally the best wot community/ clan I have been part of. Ty WW, ghar, koel for your effort! Will add some of you guys to keep the pontooning going.
  5. gan

    Windows 10

    Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have like 10-20 fps more in WoT depending on maps. Anybody else seeing better WoT performance? Could be a driver thing aswell. My CPU is a AMD Phenom X2 955 BE, GPU is a AMD 280x.
  6. gan

    Windows 10

    After the USB stick was ready, it took me maybe 20 mins to get Win 10 started. Drivers were all ok so I just had to install my fav apps after that. Edit: Should note that I installed on a SSD.
  7. gan

    Windows 10

    Just installed Win 10 from an usb stick yesterday with a licence from my university. Everthing went smooth, no problems. Then I copied my WoT folder back onto my SSD and it threw an error at me after launching that I have no DirectX installed (Maybe DX12 is problem for WoT?) . So I installed a DirectX runtime from the MS site. The error message vanished but WoT still didn't start so I deleted everything an have do DL it tonight to try a fresh WoT installation. Hope that works then... Other then that, I am pleased - just have to get used to the new Interface, doh.
  8. gan

    Don't you just hate it when your team does TOO well?

    When I sense a Steamroll over the enemy team incoming I am trying to be as agressive as possible, basically never let 'W' go. When you're driving a slow brick (a la t95, t28, maus, etc.), you're fucked tho.
  9. I only see one Battle on the map. Do we get attacked and I don't see it? Edit: Nvm, now it shows the second one
  10. gan

    New Forum Theme

    Looks very nice with the subtle colors and the changed fonts, ty for the work you put in there! The only thing I am missing at the moment is the option at the bottom of a thread to go back to the homepage of the forum. The earlier versions of the forum had that feature IIRC?