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  1. Ye, he msged me yesterday with that message aswell. Didn't answer, so no Italian swearing here.
  2. Meh. I was 3 days afk to read this now. I am sad, this was literally the best wot community/ clan I have been part of. Ty WW, ghar, koel for your effort! Will add some of you guys to keep the pontooning going.
  3. Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have like 10-20 fps more in WoT depending on maps. Anybody else seeing better WoT performance? Could be a driver thing aswell. My CPU is a AMD Phenom X2 955 BE, GPU is a AMD 280x.
  4. After the USB stick was ready, it took me maybe 20 mins to get Win 10 started. Drivers were all ok so I just had to install my fav apps after that. Edit: Should note that I installed on a SSD.
  5. Just installed Win 10 from an usb stick yesterday with a licence from my university. Everthing went smooth, no problems. Then I copied my WoT folder back onto my SSD and it threw an error at me after launching that I have no DirectX installed (Maybe DX12 is problem for WoT?) . So I installed a DirectX runtime from the MS site. The error message vanished but WoT still didn't start so I deleted everything an have do DL it tonight to try a fresh WoT installation. Hope that works then... Other then that, I am pleased - just have to get used to the new Interface, doh.
  6. When I sense a Steamroll over the enemy team incoming I am trying to be as agressive as possible, basically never let 'W' go. When you're driving a slow brick (a la t95, t28, maus, etc.), you're fucked tho.
  7. I only see one Battle on the map. Do we get attacked and I don't see it? Edit: Nvm, now it shows the second one
  8. Looks very nice with the subtle colors and the changed fonts, ty for the work you put in there! The only thing I am missing at the moment is the option at the bottom of a thread to go back to the homepage of the forum. The earlier versions of the forum had that feature IIRC?
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