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  1. Yeah, just got done with school so I can start playing again. My IGN is Ottersockpuppet. I meet basically all the requirements for most clans I think. PM or something if you need more info about me.
  2. hey everyone sorry i may have been absent for a week or so, but I have alot of IRL stuff i have to get done but i will be able to start mentoring again soon.
  3. okay guys sorry for not responding for so long. i dont know what all that fuss was earlier by some random bulba players, but ill try to make a schedule and ill probably play with people depending on how i feel for 1-2 hours and get to other people. sure i would love to help you on your grind same as before i will try to see what i can do to help you in any way i can i sincerely hope you arent messing with me, i know im not a great player or an extremely experienced player, but i do know that i can help others so i will give it a try. sure dude ill make a list of everybody and send invites when i can
  4. nope but im pretty sure there is bound to be another person with above 4000. ima keep looking.
  5. sure give me teirs u wanna play and what time and ill send u a pm when i can
  6. i can take more than one person if anyone is interested
  7. meds are broken and should not have the best of everything, if anything makes this game bad its the imbalance of medium tanks not arty which is also imbalanced but not to the same degree.
  8. im grinding right now and its a meh tank, if ur a good player u can do well but its easily the worst t9 med the wz-120 might be worse but idk lorr isnt a tank
  9. i want this tank so bad and i wish they wouldnt remove it from t10
  10. alright ill pm u ingame when im online and give u the ts3 info and such and we can get going. im looking forward to it.
  11. thanks for the correction lo didnt mean to be so far off. But yes i did get one fore on a e100 for 1200 damage i think and i knew i had to save my shots so i didnt keep shooting him, and i prob did pen all my shots. i find that just aiming your shots even at the risk of getting shot back is worth it. also since i find that in an autoloader maximizing your clip is important i dont shoot tanks with lower hp then my average damage. about the best game ever, i dont know if this is accurate but http://www.noobmeter.com/tank/eu/AMX_13_75
  12. i would love to! what times are u normally online?
  13. i think if u look on my account i have one of the best games ever in the amx 13 75 with 3150 xp and a damage of 5700 and i just spammed gold and killed heavies tanks who are engaged easy as that
  14. Hi! i saw this thread i i was like dude i should be a mentor and so i decided to post this. i am a "good player" and i think i am capable of helping players who are i need of imporving their skills. If interested pm me ingame my name is Lionsgotswag and we can schedule a time. you do need a mic for this and ts3. also post here your name and what teir tanks u have and so on (i am on NA server btw) most likely times will be saturday and sunday maybe friday night
  15. well I have for the best 4k games on my account stopped using XVM. I find it a terrible part to the game and it only adds people who dont try there hardest everygame. When i used to play with xvm and i had either a good or bad team i would change my tactics and drastically change the way i should play. Also whenever i see an arty i immediate realize that i am going to be the target most games, which puts my on tilt alot. if it was removed arty wouldnt be that bad cause they couldnt take out the best player who could make or break a game. This isnt a very articulate explanation to my reasoning why xvm is worse than everything else, but if u normally play with xvm try for atleast 50 games to play without any mods, WOT has implemented the minimap update that makes xvm useless in my opinion for anything other than stats.
  16. alright so i am using ur mods and when i played my first game everything was fine, except whenever i went into sniper mode. Whenever i go into sniper mode it is all black except for the reticle (meltys blue) and i dont know how to fix it. plz help
  17. good mod thank you for it. but my minimap is messed up and idk why. whenever a tank gets unspotted their last known location is just a jumble of words. please tell me how to fix that
  18. Hey guys, i have already watched some vids on the french light line but i would like to know, or have some opinions,on what equipment i should use and also if i should run only gold? Also,if any, tanks should i free xp past?
  19. back up over the hill and track them as they come over. I play russian meds so perma tracking is really easy, thus i can have a large amount of time for my teammates to come and help me out. For example i was on a corner on a city map and a jpg e100 was coming round the corner, i shot his track (0 damage) and did this till my lights out flanked him and killed him. Also if he does use repair kit i will run up to him and position myself so he can only shoot my turret or not at all. this tends not to work in heavies tho because of the low shots per minute.
  20. since we are talking about free xp ive been saving up some and gonna use some gold to free xp either the t21, elc, or on the t54 turret gun and tracks. My playstyle is very aggressive and i like rushing around the battle field please help me decide.
  21. i think if that happened the higher ur ranking the more xp and creds u get that way there is a bonus to being good
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