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  1. I honestly like the VK way more than the crom because of shell speed, not being derp-pened and while statwise they got the same handling i hit way more shots with my VK, so this makes me so damn happy
  2. God fucking dammit it looks that all the december alcohol didnt kill me and im back into playing this thing :cri:

  3. Might start WoWS, which lines should i play?

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    2. How_Terrible


      A warning about carrier play: Unlike all of the other ships in the game carriers utilize a top down RTSish interface. A lot of people have compared them to arty in WoT, but it isn't really a fair comparison. Good carrier play in WoWS requires a much higher level of skill then good arty play in does in WoT. This is especially true at higher tiers when carriers can have around a half dozen squadrons in the air all at once.

    3. NoobestNoob
    4. BiggieD61


      Probably want to avoid the Brit cruiser line  at first, they are so fragile that you might get the wrong idea about the game.

  4. Either i got Stockholm sd or its not so cancer now that i slapped a girl crew on it ( its def stockholm)
  5. 3:30, proper american tactics include some friendly fire, wouldve been dissapoint otherwise
  6. 18 games, 4 wins, TKd 4 times, wtf does cold weather brings out some kind retard snowmobile?

  7. I love you team Specially the 67 toon that felt they were LTs Not mad my testicles are going to implode thx to this team
  8. AMX30/30B worth the shot? Sold the Leo1 but kept the PTA, i know im a weird fuck and i like nato meds, any insight would be nice

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I'd argue that the 301er (tier 9) is better than the PTA (if anything, it's not a walking ammorack waiting to happen) , but I haven't played the German paper meds.

    3. leggasiini


      What i heard is that AMX 30 > PTA, but 30B < Leo 1.

      AMX 30B is basically trash version of Leo with no frontal ammorack and better gun handling. Like, its barely even upgrade from tier 9. All it gains is more health, better bloom and slightly better (but quite bad for tier 10 med) DPM.

    4. Shifty_101st


      I have a love hate relationship with my 30B.  Almost 3 marked it several times but those final couple games man......

      Basically I would say it's a snapshotting leo that doesn't get ammo racked often and instead gets set on fire often.  It has been power creeped heavily, and is well due for a buff.  So if you want a potential OP broken tank, now is the time to get one because you never know when WG might buff it.

  9. How high in the thot-o-meter ranks a girls that gives me as a landmark to get to her place 5 different motels when theres a cinema, a huge well known restaurant and a fucking bridge as other possible refrences? :eww:

  10. This has to be the worst pile of shit ive played above tier 5, fuck this smoldering turd
  11. lol i recall bouncing the whole clip of a TVP, proceed to track it, he repairs, track it again, repairs again to my surprise, but track him again and melt it
  12. Havent been so hooked on a show since breaking bad, Black Mirror is the shit

    1. nemlengyel


      did you see The National Anthem episode?

    2. NoobestNoob


      All up to S3 E4 , that one was one of my favs tumblr_mjdzvcUEYi1qfdsw1o6_250.gif

    3. nemlengyel


      well, i ain't fucking a pig

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