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  1. I've been playing my MT-25 a lot lately and I have gotten fed up when I get on Siegfried Line. Its a very good scout map but here you spawn makes it all bad. If you spawn at #2, you spawn to the right of the cap and have to go all the way across to the field for passive scouting in the bushes but by the time you get there you don't have time to get your camo net on and the see you and you get sniped by camping TDs. I just wish that when I spawned on Siegfried line in my light tank I spawned a little more centered maybe on the 6-7 lines rather than on the 9-0 lines. Does anyone agree with me?
  2. I know a lot of people type so fast they press shift too long. This happened to me when making my WoTLabs account and instead of DinoBlockHD it is DInoBlockHD. IN the settings you can change like everything but your username. ???? COuld I have some help please? ^ There is the shift thing again! -DInoBlockHD
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