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  1. For a while, I was able to maintain a 58-60% recent winrate playing 99% solo. Now, my recent winrate is lower than my overall. It's not even that I'm trying to damage farm because I'm still averaging ~1.5 spots a game; plus I don't have the patience to damage farm. I'm just not good enough to carry these teams with any consistency. That's really disheartening and a big part of the reason my play has been sporadic for the past few months.
  2. What a cool piece of programming! Thanks for this. I'm not top 50 overall in anything, but I have a few in the top 50 recent. And I still can't even 3-mark the Conqueror. FeelsBadMan
  3. I picked this up yesterday, and I used free xp for the turret and gun. I was a kill or two short of getting a mastery badge in my first game, and I was loving it during the session. Today, however, has reminded me of why I don't get along with Chinese tanks: the rng has just been horrific. I was running around 3k dpg yesterday, and about 2k today; rng has cost me about 2 shots a game alone. I didn't really enjoy the 110 until I started running vents and food, so I guess I'm going to try the same with the 111-1-4 to tame the gun handling a bit. A shame too, since it seemed like this was going to be a decent moneymaker, but the gun's inaccuracy means I fire more HEAT than I need to, and I feel like I have to run food. Edit: I just noticed my recent wr: holy hell. I had been running 58-60%. I guess that's what I get for, as of late, confining my play to mostly the weekends... /wrists
  4. Dunno. I'm really not very good in arty, so maybe it's that simple. Though, it sure feels like a LOT of shells go to the very edges of the reticle.
  5. I have no idea, but from talking to some arty players, it seems the 40/43 was hit pretty hard by the accuracy changes. With the weekend sale, I bit the bullet and rebought it to try and finish it off, but I haven't played many games in it. I'm not a great arty player, I find it infuriating, and it's expensive to run.
  6. I got through 100k on the M40/M43 before I ragesold it. I just couldn't take shells landing no where close to the center of the reticle 3 out of every 4 or 5 games. If I was at least doing splash damage, it would have been tolerable, but too many shells went to the very outer edges of the reticle, even fully aimed. I'll rebuy it at some point because I want more female crews, but I'm definitely not looking forward to it. I'd free xp the last 100k if I could.
  7. I really like this tank, but I just can't win in it. I feel like it's the same trouble I have with the Leo 1: I'm just not good enough to carry in it, and I can't adapt to the playstyle needed to do well. I've probably played about 100 games with a ~40% winrate. I also have so much trouble playing well consistently. My overall average is about 2.1-2.2k dpg, but that's because I'll have 20 game streaks at 3-3.5k, which get offset by streaks where I tend to potato.
  8. Would you happen to have a 50 100 game on El Halluf? I don't care which spawn. I can't quite figure out how to make the tank work on this map. I try going to ~B2, but I seem to trade extraordinarily poorly every time I try it. It's not even that I'm trying to dump my clip or do anything other than get opportunistic shots, but I seem to end up in two situations: 1) I sit back and look for shots here and there until my team starts to make some progress before I try to advance or 2) my team stalemates and I struggle to find a way to help. I've tried coming around the backside of that cliff, but it's usually totally impossible because of tds camping with eyes on that path. Either way, it feels more like I'm along for the ride rather than contributing. Thanks, Steve
  9. I was really looking forward to the Object 260. I figured the mission would be difficult, not nigh impossible. Plus, I'm clanless and I hate platooning, so there goes any shot of rigging. Oh well. :/ GG WG. GG.
  10. Stevel91

    Object 268

    This was my exactly my experience with the 268: on paper, the dispersion is solid; in-game, however, it felt WAY derpier. It was my first tier X, so I sucked in it; I'm also a considerably better player now than I was then. Regardless, I sold it after I got my mastery badge because there was a sale going on and I needed the credits more than a tank I hated to play. I kept the ISU and 704 for far longer, though I no longer have either. The 704 and Jagdtiger were just too comfortable for me, and having them was becoming a hindrance to grinding other lines. But at some point, both will find a permanent spot in my garage.
  11. I had the IS-8 unlocked for months before I bought it; I always had other priorities. But, I fell in love with the IS-7 on the test server, so I took advantage of the accumulated large repair/med kits from the October mission to fund the IS-8 (and Leo PTA). I've only put about 9k of free xp into this tank, which was the last bit towards the gun. Prior, I just ran the BL-9 with a healthy supply of apcr and it worked fine. Hell, I got a couple mastery badges with that setup. I have it almost fully upgraded, and I'm rather enjoying it; however, I'm not sure if it's a keeper or not. I'm sitting at ~2k dpg and 54% winrate, and since I still have a ways to go until I get the IS-7, I'm hoping both of those numbers will come up. FWIW, the upgrade path I took was: gun -> turret -> tracks (almost there) -> engine (deciding if it's worth the investment, but since I don't mind playing it, I'll probably get it). I debated on tracks before turret, but I really wanted the extra view range. It's worked out rather well because there's a 3x event this weekend, so I'll get the tracks tomorrow. Once I demount the suspension module, I'm strongly considering putting optics on it, since I haven't really found the aim time too onerous as to necessitate a GLD.
  12. Love this tank. It was the first medium I played that "clicked" and I've never looked back. Up to the T-54, but I've been playing the 34-85 quite a bit recently to further its crew (now 81% through their second skill) and make some credits. Just got my second mark of excellence and a slew of ace tanker games. Such a fantastic tank; it's definitely a keeper for me as it's such a great crew trainer/credit earner.
  13. I just can't get the hang of the T-54. The T-34-85, T-43, and T-44 are some of my best performing tanks, but the transition to the T-54 has proven surprisingly difficult. I think it's mostly a mental block: I know what the tank is capable of, and I know how great it can be in the right hands, so I try to push myself too much. I also tend to feel a burden to live up to those expectations when in reality, I'm just not there yet. This leads me to overextend and do things I'm not necessarily good at (namely: close-quarters brawling). I'm about halfway to the Object 140, but I haven't even been playing the T-54 much the past couple days as I've been playing lower tiers to start building up the funds to eventually buy the 140. Hopefully it clicks soon...
  14. I'd also be willing to let Garbad use my account, though I've already played 172 games in the T-34-85 (http://www.vbaddict.net/tanks/stevel91-na-f418939fad5e08b61f7ac4008419a467). My stats aren't really anything special and I'm nowhere near as "good" as my current WN8 (~2000) suggests. My current crew in the 34-85 is only in their second skill, but I could move a crew 90% through their fourth skill into the tank if necessary.
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