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  1. Do you make these? Or find them? Either way pretty cool!
  2. Good question I was wondering the same thing. Love my patton. But i have a feeling that if the 907 is bad it'll get a buff or at least a soft buff. I think the Russian meds perform better than what the say on paper. Still undecided....
  3. I agree You should take a look at CLAWS I'm pretty new there and I'm really liking it...
  4. I have to say I'm really liking CLAWS. I'm pretty new here (< a month) and am very impressed. Leadership....very good Players...very good Strats...impressive DRAMA.....NONE So far.....very happy I chose to apply
  5. Yes but if a strat doesn't work or works on some and not others we never adjusted or went over how to flex to different situations. This leads to very little improvement. To improve and get a better understanding of how we all work together I'd imagine scrims and training would make us better. I know it helped in BF teams I've been part of.
  6. Hey guys just left my clan. I'm looking for a better clan. I know I don't quite have the recent wn8 your looking for but I don't think I'll have a problem getting there it'll just take a week or two. Should I wait to apply till then to apply?
  7. I'm looking for a clan that is consistent. With strong leadership and stays on the map. Hopefully one of the top clans The past clans I've been in all had dreams of performing and did at times but there was alwayse a pubstar mentality. Strats. Were only talked about 15 mins before every battle and rarely practiced in any kind of training or scrim. Me: my stats are improving and would go faster if I focused on them, which as of today, should be changing. Ima stop grinding for a bit. The vast majority of my battles are solo pubs. I am not a gold spammer but do use it when I need to.
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