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  1. ill come watch I need to revel in someone's misery. j/k j/k. I like variety---sometimes I just need a break from the grind and just watch for the entertainment factor. what times do you usually stream.
  2. nice work. you got my photoshop braincells inspired.
  3. Thanks pity, you gonna send me a toon invite and teach the ways of the T110E5 when I pick it up a few weeks from now
  4. Make it rich and live luxuriously! It is kinda pricey out here. We can go chill at Oprah's mansion while she's not here. luls. or you can come cheap.........someone flew out here in an airplane landing gear well. its summer time and the eye candy is endless.
  5. Aloha and Mogethin from Maui, Hawaii. I have been a lurker here for a little too long. Its about time to quit being the creeper. I have used and applied the strategies and information shared on this forum even at almost 19,000 games. It never too late. So Mahalo/Kamagar to the people that take their time to share their knowledge of the game here. I am usually on west solo and platooned east. Mostly, even in ACES I like the freedom of soloing. I get to absolutely try new strats and tomato out of sight. Say hello! Again to the posters that contribute to the success and improvement o
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