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  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/1616050#team I was in my E75 on Stalingrad and did 7k, almost carried, but fell to a t54 (and a shit Tiger II on my team) at the end. When I think back on it there's at least 5 decisions that I regret making that would have preserved my health and put me in a position to finish the job, but I'd like to find out what other players think. Was there a fundamental flaw that I'm missing here?
  3. So, small update just so people don't think I'm ignoring them, I have to move on Friday, and so my life has been a bit hectic. I'm hoping by monday I'll be back and ready to come talk to people. Pretty much the only thing not packed is my computer/bed I'm looking forward to talking to people.
  4. I've moved towards zeven and barks, for sure. Barks is nuts and amazing and I wish I could drive a leo like that.
  5. Yeah, I was in the process of dropping my tags :/ I admit I never understood the hate as much, it was more because QB was a place where I started to learn to not suck at this game. RE: Hawking : Nah It's from Worst. Champloo still kicks ass though!
  6. I read the sticky, just to put that out there first! I'm just not sure who would be interested in a player like me. As the title said, I'm looking for a clan where I can do some CW's and learn to play a part of the game I've never really done. I'm not experienced in CW, but I'm willing to learn whatever I need to to help the team win. I'd really love to do stronks and tourneys as well, but sometimes the times for tourneys don't work out well for a PST player. I'm still new enough to the game that I've never hit a wall where I feel like I've stopped improving, and I think that this is t
  7. Porco Rosso! sweet! thanks for the welcome, both of you!
  8. In all honesty, I'm never quite sure what to say in these introductions. I guess the first and most important thing I want to say is thank you to RBS and WOTlabs for helping me to grow and improve. Obviously, I'm not a particularly experienced player, with only 4k games played, but over the last 2k, I can see a tangible difference in how well I can play. Plus, when I can play at a unicum level on those rare occasions thanks to understanding game flow and vision control, man, that's just awesome. But I've been stalling a bit lately, with my wn8 hovering around 1500/1600 in the last couple week
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