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  1. It was epic's dads frat I believe other than that no clue.... TY
  2. Thanks guys When we move the office comes to balloon.... you were the pub rapist...
  3. Do you even frat, Bro? Rush Sigma Chi! The Flagship Clan of Frat Row Gaming Requirements: 2000+ WN8 2300+ Recent 2200+ Wn8 in 3+ tier 10 tanks in a given class 3 day Attendance. Desire to participate in TEAM activities Sigma Chi was conceived to cater to the bros who desire more participation in TEAM oriented events and want an environment where all members of the organization feel the same way. We seek to create a "Fraternity of Activity". We are not looking for GDI's who just want to solo pub and work on their WN8. We are looking for members
  4. I'm interested and available I have most of the relevent tanks and decent crews in them. Not sure if gud enough though
  5. I tried to use them as a support tank last night in stronks and all they did was blow up...
  6. 11. Thou shalt not repoast shit from general forums...
  7. Add me and next time you see me ingame, I can take you in a training room and show you a few strats and spots for t6-8 stronks. Been calling a bit for clam and I know quite a few of the maps quite well now.
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