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  1. Only really interested in the Froggy Sherman. Maybe that PzIV. Maybe..
  2. Having done this, it's not -quite- that easy. Unless you already have the tools and automotive seat, you're better off hitting up a surplus/used office supply place.
  3. My one demand from an office/computer chair is "adjustable seat pitch, independent of backrest angle". If you have back issues or sciatica, you'll come to appreciate this feature.
  4. Not sure how the small EM field generated by a run of Romex likely going to a 15~20A bus is going to affect a cable that is using light via a nonmetallic photoconductor for data transfer. Ethernet cable, maybe. But FO, I doubt it.
  5. The U.S. got rid of DV ports pretty quickly, though they did turn up again for a bit in some of the Stuart variants. That's why I laugh when people talk about "shooting (or stabbing) through the vision slits" in reference to a U.S. tank. LOTS of late WW2 era German armor used red oxide primer as part of the camo. They'd paint what little they did have in a pattern with the basecoat. That common "mud and mustard"camo one sees in images of Panthers is 50% primer.
  6. Most of the WW2 armor had interior lights ("festoon lamps" was a common term). The Russian ones were usually kind of dinky, the German ones looked very prone to starting a fire, and the U.S. ones looked like it was stolen from a submarine. Have not dealt with any WW2 era British armor, and the examples of Japanese armor I've seen was rather well perforated.
  7. It'll look better once you've added the decals, and flatcoated it.
  8. It's been a while since I lived there (was in Aomori), but IIRC there Japanese were not big on homogenized milk ( with it's infinitely varied percentages of milkfat) like you find in the U.S. . It was Pasteurized, but you had to shake the bottle a bit or else you got a glass of cream for the first shot. (If you shook it too much you'd have made butter.)
  9. Evil, evil stuff. When it starts going down like motor oil, it's time to stop, and drink LOTS of water.
  10. Meplat


    Haven't tested since the move, but the .50"Browning had some absurd performance variance, where one moment it had all the pen of a Daisy Pal, the next it was cutting through everything.
  11. Meplat


    Now they just need to work on how the "snow" lays on the vehicles. Having it build up on what would otherwise be hot exhaust components is a bit silly.
  12. Meplat


    Oh, That map.. Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. Pretty though.
  13. You can always slap in more RAM later, if it turns out you need it.
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