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  1. Thanks again all, I met with and joined Jimbo! I appreciate all of the offers, but this seems the best fit for me.
  2. Thanks all for the replies! I will be contacting people today and tommorow to hopefully meet up!
  3. Hello everyone! i was looking to join a clan with the purpose of learning to play better and join in on clan wars, company battles, and platooning.I recently started playing in platoons with a few friends and enjoy it much more than Pub matches solo. I have played since beta and recently upgraded my computer and internet so hopefully that will help my performance a bit. I have Teamspeak, Mumble and Vent so flexile there.I have 3 tier 10's-Bat Chat, IS-4 and an Object 268. I am also gettting close to having several more. I have the T62A unlocked, but not purchased. I am close to getting an T1
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