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  1. why don't people in pubs understand when I call arty "GBU-15's, with FLIR and AWACS support". Are that many civvies completely unaware of the munitions of freedom?


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    2. RunninKurt


      Considering most pubbies dont use the minimap, I am more impressed you even manage to interact with the window lickers on your team.

    3. Greatspank


      pubbies only care about RRR RBNS rash b no stop

    4. SmirkingGerbil


      Lol, yeah, here is the break down:

      GBU - Guided Bomb Unit

      -15 - 2000 pound dumb bomb, made "intelligent" with a set of strap on fins and a nose FLIR added.

      FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared

      AWACS - Airborne warning and early control, i.e. targeting data.

      I worked for a company that made parts to turn the dumb 2000 pound bomb into a guided weapon, GBU-15.

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