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  1. I wonder if something changed in the way the WoT API spits out its data. That is the only reason I can see for this suddenly not working right.
  2. Gotta say, from a handful of games the Japanese heavies seem like a hilarious proposition. Derp guns, but they're huge and slower than a Matilda. Easy arty targets. Also, fuck arty.
  3. Who are some streamers whom you'd suggest? (Thanks, btw!)
  4. Hi all, I recently started playing more regularly again after taking at least a year off (it seems like maybe longer), and was curious: what reading/tips, etc. would you suggest to someone who'd been away from the game but wanted to be good again? Some things which are particularly a struggle right now: learning the new maps, and sorting the pen mechanics. Seems like both AFPDS and HEAT have changed since I played last. Two things I've started doing are playing more tier 4-6 matches to refresh myself without the pressure of having to always perform at a high level (such as in t
  5. I haven't played the T30 yet, but I would have assumed it's similar to the T34... (which I'm not great in, either).
  6. Encounter is usually fun, but there are one or two maps which are absolutely terrible as encounter maps (Prok, for example), so I have it unclicked for now unless or until they remove the worst offenders.
  7. I want badly to like WoWP, but it's not much fun in its current state. I probably won't finish the grind for 5000k gold... unless I find that planes beyond tier 2 can actually kill something.
  8. What, not enough attention for you on the WoT forums?
  9. Good guide, thanks man. I've been working on this skill for a while, I'll try to keep some of the nuances in mind next shot I get. Also, Melty's mod has a cool effective armor indicator on the bottom of the screen which would likely help with this. It automatically calculates effective armor of your front and side armor dependent on angle.
  10. I don't have any screens of the first year or so, but I managed to pull off a mid-48% w/r and roughly 800eff till I started reading the forums and becoming interested in clan wars. As soon as I joined a clan I decided to bring my level of play up to not be a dead weight. I've been steadily improving ever since (December of 2012). My recent stats are in the top 5 or so in my clan, which isn't elite, but it's home. I'm still not a purple player, but my goal is to bring the 60-days purple, and the overalls to blue. I appreciate all the purples here and at the official forums for their guide
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