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  1. I'm not really disagreeing but for me the game has been unplayable after the hesh guns and broken tier 10. Getting rid of tier 10 TDs, getting rid of prem ammo, getting rid of of type 5 and bringing back old physics would already cure a ton of big issues in wot. The idea of vanilla wot is not really to roll back time but to roll back some features. Getting all those shitty maps tanks map back along with the old arty and mm would be just retarded decisions. But for example getting rid of hesh guns along with tier 10 TDs would allow more aggressive gameplay when single mistake won't mean ge
  2. I think the old game balance was pretty poor compared to today. Not sure if I'd prefer the old balance. There were some absurdly op tanks. Old hellcat, old kv and old su-85 among other things were just on wrong tier. Old tanks is a bit like the old maps. Nobody wants old kampinovka, old el halluf or old murovanka... old redshit.... I mean nobody wants those things back for sure??
  3. So wow is going to make vanilla servers. I have never played wow so idk but I have watched some really old wot replays on youtube and got a stupid idea. What about wot:vanilla? Like dis: Heavy tanks go up to tier 10 Medium tanks go to tier 9 (I'm not really against tier 10 mediums tho) Tank destroyers go to tier 9 (This I definitely do want) Artillery tanks go to tier 8 (basically to current tier 8 arty Light tanks I don't know. Ideally I'd want the old light tanks back. Old physics: Tanks get stuck whe driving into each other Sidescraping
  4. 1. I don't think there is necessary reason why tier 11+ tanks must be more expensive than tier 10. It could work just fine if the tier 11+ tanks had the same exp and credit cost as tier 10s. It is already a lot. The bigger issue is that grinding tier 11 tanks with tier 10 does not really work in the economy model. Tier 9s have been adjusted so that it still makes sense to grind the t10s with premium account but grinding tier 11s in your is7 or maus would need some more economy adjustments or not everyone could get into t11+ in reasonable amount of time 2. putting imaginery or paper tanks
  5. 3x E100+loltractor+loltractor platoon. Great success.
  6. Game mode with the old T-50. Just replace the gun with the T92's howitzer, give it 8s reload and give the tank 2000hp. Matches played on small maps where everybody can instantly spot everyone (map size something like 300x300 with some cover and terrain). No cap zones. Game starts as 15vs15. After one team is killed the rest of the players are divided into two new teams and this keeps going on until there is one player left.
  7. It is not watered down version of skill based mm just like current mm with 2 tier spread is not watered down version of the old 4-5 tier spread mm. Once again I'm explaining to you just try to listen, try to understand. Skill based mm can have many purposes, many ways to chieve that goal and many ways to fail it. Just like any other kind of mm. Sbm can focus on reducing the variance or it can focus on totally removing any variance of skill difference between two teams. Just like rng mm can just take 15 random tank from the queue and make two teams it can also aim to make the tier spread of bot
  8. I did (or at least tried to) calculate it here: In order to figure out how the system treats someone we need to find player to compare in different systems. To do that we obviously want to focus on some player with above average skill but still not extreme enough so we can get meaningful sample size. In this sample we have 41 players with skill rating of 7.00e+1. For the sake of simplicity let's assume there are no tiers and no platoons. Of course I admit that platoons can be problematic but that is platoon specific problem, not mm specific problem. How can we compare the systems? What numbe
  9. I have no idea why you still only assume two versions of skill based mm exist. What you said is simply not true if the sbm for example only balances bad players for example. I have absolutely no idea why you have that idea that in sbm the full teams need to be balanced. You do not need to balance full teams, you can balance only parts of the teams for example. Equal amount of wins (in badly designed sbm) is not really a problem in itself. It is only a problem if its negative consequences are not balanced (reduced income for above average players, increased income for below averages). 2nd an
  10. This is imho a very important point. Having the 6th sense at least taught to me a lot about how the vision system works in practise. Maybe one idea for the 6th sense is to have it on all tanks below tier 6 and then not have on tanks above that tier? It is a good tool for teaching the most nonsensical game mechanic to people who have no idea why tanks disappear and appear randomly.
  11. How different does it need to be to be different? Maus is not different from loltractor. Both are tanks. Both have turrets, guns, tracks and move with wasd keys. Yet from the game perspective they are two very different tanks. The thing is skill based mm in itself is not a huge difference to what we have now! And skill based mm can not be something totally different as it is always going to be something that in some way takes skill consideration when creating teams and battles. Still, from statistical perspective all those produce different outcomes. Which is why they are indeed different.
  12. Should have just removed it. Or reworked it. It might have been interesting to make the light bulb only appear after you have been spotted and restealthted. That way you don't know when you are being spotted but once you are no longer being spotted the light bulb would appear letting you know you were spotted just moments ago. I think other way is to just have the skill for light tanks above tier 5. Still bad idea to make the skill work once radioman reaches 100%. Should have been that it is always on. But the incentive to use gold to get 100% radioman is kinda too obvious... Buy skills for
  13. All you need is little bit of imagination:1) only balance the number of reds in both teams 2) same as above but reds+oranges (or purples, blues, yellows...) 3) only balance top tier tanks (or top 5 etc.) 4) never put purples and reds in same battle 5) look which tank types are most effective on that map and balance them 6) you can try to balance lots of things: a) try to counter all skill (mirror matching, overall team averages) b) try to counter the ability of people to lose games c) focus on extremes only d) focus on platoons only e) balance only certain tank type (like heavies) f) balance f
  14. They key element of skill based mm is which players it tries to control. If sbm is supposed to reduce the effect of skill it focuses on countering the upper and lower parts of the skill. Meaning really good and really bad players. However the system can also be made so that it leaves the high skill players untouched and focuses only on low skill players. This could be a system for example that balances the number of reds. For the most part this means that overall the variation (smaller variance in skill difference between teams) in team skill is reduced because extreme examples are removed (e
  15. We are now talking about tier 10 CWs??? What happened to the topic? There is no need to take away the pubbies. This whole skill based mm for me is like groundhog day. All the time people only see two versions of skill based mm and it seems almost impossible to make them understand that there are more ways to have skill based mm than to just balance the teams (the better you are the worse team mates you get) or mirrormatch people (purples vs purples)... The whole discussion seems to be just a competiton who can come up with the stupidest reason to not have skill based mm. Because it is socia
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