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  1. Didn't ace mine over 110 games which sucks cause I "need" to ace everything before I sell it. But I really dont wanna play this :/
  2. I can't put it in as good a way as Marine did, but the Cent 1 is clearly the better tank.
  3. Put in some effort during the 2x win yesterday and managed to finish the last 110k xp. Kept the upgraded turret, the gun handling gets pretty nice and there is a sizable increase in dpm as well. Finished at 70% win but then it was played in a good three man toon like 75% of games, dpg at a some what meh 1810. Not a single ace in 105 games is a little bit frustrating, but that has more to do me with me not having any really good games than the tank being hard to ace, top xp only 1971.
  4. Played 15 games with upgraded turret and didn't get into much depression troubles, will keep it for now.
  5. You're right, in game value not accurate.
  6. I feel blind either way, still only 428 with optics, top turret and food. I don't think I've burned once in 40 games.
  7. Just put on the upgraded turret to try that for a while, I have a feeling I will miss the gun depression. Anyone switched back to stock?
  8. Played 20 games in it now, just lacking top turret. Can't find a single thing that makes this preferable over any other t8 med. DPM and gun handling is nice but not good enough to make up for the otherwise quite mediocre platform. So far T7 was better and more fun for me.
  9. What do I need to do to get clan icons and national flags without having stats enabled? I have all that shit enabled in my configs, but they only show up when I enable stats on the xvm website, and I really don't want to have stats. Is there a solution to this?
  10. The 260 fire mission can be easy at times, https://gfycat.com/EnormousImpoliteBasil
  11. Played 30 games in mine so far, free xped the vital stuff (needed to grind radios and tracks) and its growing on me. 73% wins and 1729 DPG is better than I expected beforehand. The alpha really makes a difference imo. You really fuck over lower tiers without long exposure time compared to a low alpha gun if you make sure to "pre aim" before you peak out to mitigate the quite bad gun handling. If you get caught out in the open you are royally screwed though since mobility is bad and getting some hits in while you are desperately trying to find cover is just not going to happen. You just need to
  12. A-43 was clearly the best tank for fire missions for me. Played only like 60 games with it before I got MT-12.4 done (with the T34/100), but during those games I got plenty of fires and like 4-5 double fires but never with both tanks being higher tiers. But it got the best fire/game ration for me by far (with good crew with module damage perk). 1.82 seconds reload with bia and food along with good pen and epic gun handling is hard to beat.
  13. It was huge for you fgts in FAME because you landed some really high FP missions that is only available in T10, which you pretty much where the only ones to do. If you can't consistently get your missions done (meaning taking a certain province at least 3 nights a row, preferably more), the FP escalation is not that big at all and T6 certainly has an impact overall. For a clan that can spam a shit tone of battles, leaving the map after every day on T6 was the way to go since you can't do landings when holding land in that stage (and that stage only). When it comes to tanks fastbois is st
  14. Got MT-12.4 on the two first shots of a game into the sides of a moving Cent 1 some 400 meters away in the T-34/100 Kuntstrukta with shit crew just grinding the line casually. The other 200+ games with fire specific tanks with retrained crews got me jack shit. RNG is awesome!
  15. Still pretty funny to hope for a free Kurdistan when facing some turks, that will light the chat on fire
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