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  1. For a tank with literally no side armor, this gets more troll and rage-inducing bounces than any tank i've ever seen. Lost a game on Karelia earlier this week due three consecutive random bounces off the side of one of these things who was doing dumb stuff in the middle and (apparently) couldn't get punished for it.
  2. Oh yeah, I three-marked this a while back for similar reasons. It's basically a Pershing with less HP and a less trolly turret, but still super comfy and easy to use.
  3. Well, that goes without saying... We basically just pick up 11_AD's castoffs.
  4. Considered it strongly, but eventually decided to go with the better aim time and final accuracy (plus other benefits) from the vents. Plus, the improved vents are a greater percentage improvement over the standard vents than the improved vertical stabilizer is over the standard vertical stabilizer. However, the improved vertical stabilizer was the other one I considered and I don't think you'd go wrong with it.
  5. I put improved vents on the STB-1. Haven't used any directives, though, as i'd like to make sure that after the next season (if there is one) that I can pick up the improved rammer and improved VStab. Looking forward to how that combo will play on stuff like the STB-1 and Leopard 1.
  6. That's the whole point of the proposed change, though. Right now the downside risk of the early aggression is actually losing a chevron. The proposed change would make actually losing one less likely, unless you literally YOLO. And on the winning side, you don't lose a chevron if you're not top 7, you just don't gain one, so your downside risk is still minimal.
  7. Final thoughts, after putting in sufficient effort to reach League 1 and top 100 for NA. 3 arty per side is the actual dictionary definition of ebola and cancer together. Because the meta turned out to be significantly campier than pubs, arty did an even worse than usual job of punishing people who tried to light things and make aggressive plays, as opposed to punishing campers and snipers. This was particularly problematic because... Chevrons were too easy to lose. I like the idea of losing chevrons in principle, because it means that rank isn't monotonically increasing and so you can't just bot your way to Rank 5 (although you could, but more on that later). However, the "bottom" 12 on the losing team losing a chevron really really sucked because (1) with so much arty, arty was often among the leading damage dealers on losing teams and sucked up the "top 3" chevron gains, and (2) it meant that people played SUPER passively and campy, because the downside risk of an aggressive play that didn't work out was basically a guaranteed chevron loss. This was then coupled with... Chevrons were too easy to gain. The top 12 getting a chevron went well beyond rewarding actual good aggressive competent gameplay, and mostly awarded people who happened to be on the winning team. In the future, I would rather see something like top 7 on the winning team get a chevron, bottom 8 get nothing, and then top 3 on the losing team get a chevron, middle 5 on the losing team get nothing, bottom 7 on the losing team lose a chevron. This still significantly punishes losing, while reserving chevron advancement for really good play, and doesn't punish attempted aggressive play that your team doesn't adequately support and thus doesn't end up winning. Thoughts from others who suffered through this mode for one piece of shitty improved equipment?
  8. This. It's utter trash compared to what it was. It used to be my favorite light tank in the game, now it's just... bleh. It's not awful in some absolute sense, but it just isn't as interesting, and definitely doesn't punch above its weight nearly as well, even considering that it now doesn't have to face tier 10s. I'll glady trade facing tier 10s for having the 100mm gun back.
  9. http://tanks.gg/tank/obj-140/stats?c=5.3.10&cc=4.2.0&ce=5.21.30&e=47.45.46 That's the relevant comparison between an experienced player with three pieces of improved equipment and food (because, let's be honest, if you have that equipment, you're probably also in a positiion to run food any time you want) on an Obj. 140 vs. a new player who just got one and runs the standard equipment and small consumables. Even if you don't swap IOptics for IVents, you have around a 10% advantage in DPM, nearly a 10% advantage in dispersion, and almost 30m better view range base. Alternatively, you can swap IOptics for IVents, which gets you an almost 15% DPM advantage, a 10% dispersion advantage, and only 10m less of base view range in a tank where you likely have crew skills to push the view range easily back over the view range cap anyways. Like I said before - is this totally game-breaking? No, not technically. However, 10-15% in the most relevant combat statistics is a very significant advantage, and it can be combined with bonds to make it even greater. This is utter cancer for long-term game health and convincing new players to play.
  10. @Kolni It explicitly says it won't work that way, though - you can either have the "regular" or the "improved" version of equipment, but not both, so you can't stack VStab+Improved VStab. I think this is a terrible idea for the long-term health of the game. It is already grindy enough, without making people fight against tanks that have significantly better equipment than they can even get access to. Think about if you've just ground out your first tier 10 (an Obj. 140) and put VStab, Rammer, and Optics on it, and think about exactly how much advantage the veteran player who equips IVstab, IRammer, and IOptics along with food will have (assuming you can mount more than one piece of improved equipment per tank). It's going to be quite significant. Will it be auto-win? No, it won't be, but it'll be significantly unbalanced, and that's even before considering the effects of the directives.
  11. You know, I sort of did always feel that my 140 doesn't make enough dank snaps. Maybe I can finally learn to enjoy it after this patch.
  12. Red line sniping intensifies...
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