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  1. Thanks Haswell! Best NA Tech Support ever Windows update is now working!
  2. This is what happened when I tried to start it, screenshot here! No game boosters that I know of. I run World of Tanks, on Medium Improved Graphics at around 60+ FPS
  3. Greetings! For some reason or another I imagine virus's or something, even tho I do virus scans and what not, Malware Bytes ect. And it still dosn't fix it. But my Window's Update dosn't work. I've been able to update in the past just fine but now every time I try to manually try to turn on Windows update it won't do it and says that It can't connect and to please restart my computer and I do so, and get the same message. I'm wondering if I should go to the Window's website and try to reinstall Window's 7? I see that your able to download it, would I need a cd key or something as I don't have
  4. I've read it, just putting it out here. I left SOLID due to issues with one of their DC's but that was a personal issue between the two of us, that went to a breaking point. I am still on good terms with them. SPEAR fell apart right after I left...don't ask me why. I do have calling experience as I was a caller and DC for BOWRD, Also a caller for SPEAR and briefly for SOLID.
  5. My Overall is crap, but I'm improving. Looking for a Clan Wars Clan! Currently have 3 tier 10's E5,E100, Obj. 140...Currently working on Getting the 50B.
  6. I din't know how to check what motherboard I had other than what I see flash up on my startup.
  7. It has a GIGABYTE Motherboard..because it pops up everytime I start up the computer lol I've heard of overclocking, And I have it on standard graphics atm, and I run anywhere from 50 to 70+ FPS.
  8. I have this APU- AMD A10-5800k Trinity Quad Core 3.8Ghz....so how do I Turbo it to 4.2Ghz and will that make my World of Tanks run smoother? or better? I'm a complete noob at this..here is the link to my graphics card on newegg..err APU..I don't know why I keep calling it a graphics card lol. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113280
  9. I find myself always an arty target in my E100, and I understand why..but yeah..and then I always seem to get ammo racked alot in my E5, But I think its the way I come out around corners..I expose that front roadwheel and they just ammo rack me like 2 times.
  10. I see people with average damage of sometimes 2k or more on T110E5's E100's ect..How do they get that? I'm struggling to get 1.4k on E5 1.7k on E100. And yes I know I'm still learning I just don't see how! I need that juice or something lol !
  11. Just got the AMX-50 100 and I am in love with this tank..Tho it takes a bit to get used to as its squishy, and during its reload you can't fight back..

  12. hmm I thought optics were good for Med's and Light tanks..not heavy tanks?
  13. And was wondering what I should I put as far as equipment? My first thoughts are..Gun laying drive,Vents and Vertical Stabilizer? And the skills should be about the same as most heavy's right? Its fully upgraded and its my first autoloader..so I'm also getting used to the playstyle as well..I'm used to single shot tanks..and I've died a few times ...any tips on that?
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