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  1. so far I am not facing the average good player as much in EU as I am used to in NA... in EU they are either great or suck bad .. but its weird.. its you cant really base that on their color... I see some purples doing weird sh1t then a green will be good or whatever... on the NA server what you see is what you get.. on the EU server its weird. But, I out play most people 1 on 1 on EU ... or even win a lot of 2 on 1's were I know on NA it wouldnt be as much... like I said.. my damage and W8 are up but my wins are actually down. Rexxie should understand why.. I dont.
  2. on EU.. so far my average damage is up and W8 but my wins are actually slightly lower so far...
  3. I got the Skorp.. no armor so you have to position and use speed but see iam not used to that.. still though even when I have got in trouble I still died with good damage and 2 or 3 kills so far in a handful of games.
  4. I know lol I just spent like 50 bucks so far bought a Churchill III and gold/silver to get started.. I thought the meta is moving away from things like the Skorp??? thoughts .. and also, knowing WG.. they will nerf it in 30/60 days anyways.. would you get a T34 or IS6? two games into EU.. its different.. I was able to hold off two KV1's and kill them in my CIII they did weird sh1t like charge me but using angles right in front of my gun solution so I could get side shots wearing them down with my DPM.. killed them both but my team was dead all around me.. was last one left.. then arty
  5. Rexxie.. how would you go about starting on a new server?
  6. I made a EU toon... how should I go about this? kinda like a deer in lights... should I get an IS6 ? or maybe a T34.. I know TD's are out of the question now.. ill for sure get at least a premium account... Thanks for helping in advance. Remember,, I am not a 'fast med' type player.
  7. as a NA player.. what server would I notice stats raising due to an opportunity to farm more?
  8. I was wondering what the general consensus was among the different servers on game play.. like NA versus EU server.. is EU more fast or slow paced.. or like does EU have better pubbies overall? how do NA players fair in the different regions... thanks
  9. Jesus.. so.. its like even MORE arcade... ... so zerg in lanes and peekaboo fight and just hope your pubbies are shooting at the right places to pen and win the DPM war...
  10. iam finding the meta weird... cant camp anymore with TD's unless very specific map.. game seems 'faster' more zerg like... iam I wrong or seeing things.. games are ending faster.
  11. I am returning to WOT... I can only play a limited amount of time.. what TD's and heavies are 'blue' friendly so I can get the most out of my enjoyment? I guess I need at least tanks that are average or even semi OP ... I am not a great player.. but not an idiot either.. my play style is somewhat layed back and will be aggressive when I see openings but cannot create openings and play 'fast' .. thanks. .. EDIT this is for tier 5-10
  12. T72 is good if you use it like a TD for the first half of the game and push later.. its not a spearhead piece of armor until they fix the armor
  13. I was looking for TD map guidance.. thanks.. for 9.5
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