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  1. Adding 50 horsepower to a 700 HP engine is only a 8-9% increase, so I don't expect it will help much. The suspension upgrade will make a much bigger difference than the engine.
  2. The driver's hatch weakspot was removed when they changed the hull model to the IS-4M in 8.0. The armor plate around the driver's view port is now actually stronger than the rest of the UFP.
  3. Is there a mod which can display the distance to a spotted target in the OTM (possibly while holding Alt)? I keep finding myself in situations where I want to see the range to a spotted enemy, but can't put my mouse over him. The most common situation is when I need to know if I've been proximity spotted through a hill or building, but because the enemy is on the other side of a large obstacle, I can't put my cursor over him to see how far away he is. I've played around with XVM configuration, as well as some other mods, but haven't found any with this capability already built-in. The client has the required information, so I'm certain it can be done, but unfortunately I don't have the expertise to do it myself. Is there a mod out there that has this function? If not, is there a way I could create this field so it could be plugged into XVM?
  4. This is mostly true, but there are a few reasons I mentioned tier 9 specifically. Tier 9 offers the high-end gameplay of tier 10. Good players and good tanks. At tier 9, almost every tank epitomizes the character of that tank line (give me back my tier 9 batchat pls) Tier 7 is an awkward stage for many tank lines: T25/2, Chi-Ri, Panther, T-43, VK32, etc. Fuck the IS-6
  5. Hence the "real question" I mentioned. I don't know how AA in WoWS works, but I've read that it will be automatic, which means it is not a skill-based counter to being bombed, and is analogous to WoT's artillery. If, on the other hand, the AA is handled like NavyField and requires manual aiming and multitasking by the battleship (or its escorts), then I think it can be argued as you say. The problem with NF is that bombing required little skill (using the automatic system), so it wasn't a skill vs. skill dynamic, which would be ideal, I think.
  6. Two things I can think of. First is the obvious issue: range. AP ammo loses penetration over distance. Do we know by how much? Maybe you could repeat the test at point blank. Second, in WoT beta, there was a tank stat called Armor Homogenization or something like that. This stat appeared on a tank's specifications panel, and the value was always 1.1 for German tanks, if I recall. This factor was multiplied with the tank's armor values to produce effective armor values. However, this value became hidden (or was removed) when the game was officially released. If this factor still exists, it could account for the approximately 10% effective armor increase you are experiencing.
  7. I'm not so sure. Making tier 10 TD's that were better than the existing tier 9's seemed okay to me, because, after all, what's the difference between fighting a 704 in a tier 9 and fighting a 268 in a tier 10? The mistake, I think, is that they stepped away from the character of the existing tier 9's . The Obj 268, E4, and E3 were fine, I think, because they were just an upgraded version of their predecessors, but the JPE was no Jagdtiger 2.0 - it threw out the Jagdtiger's philosophy of "better life through superior DPM!" in the same way the the Foch155 and 183 would do to the Foch and Tortoise later on. Meanwhile, the tier 10 mediums were inexplicably made slower than the tier 9's, and gained firepower comparable (better, actually, considering gun handling and DPM) to most heavy tanks. On a related note, I was very happy when they decided to reduce the 850 alpha guns to 750. It seemed that WG realized that the tier 10 TDs could be better than the tier 9's in ways other than making them shootier. But maybe they just did that because they were overperforming.
  8. Ever since the introduction of the JPE-100 and then the FV 183, I couldn't help but feel that tier 10 tanks were becoming too out-of-line with what would be most fun and balanced gameplay-wise. My issue is that tier 10 tanks just seem to be getting more and more gimmicky; the 183 and WT100 are the most extreme examples of this. And, as I played the game, I noticed that I always had more fun in my tier 9 tanks than I did in their tier 10 successors. In fact, I haven't even played the last couple tier 10 tanks I've unlocked; I just kept my crew on the tier 9's. After some reflection, I've decided that these are the reasons I have more fun in tier 9 battles than tier 10: There are no ridiculous gimmick tanks (highest damage gun is 750, and max burst damage is 1800 on a tank with many flaws) Tier 9 tanks have the characteristic flavor of the rest of their tank line (I'm looking at you, 183) Medium tanks are more medium-y; they are fast and don't have better guns than heavy tanks The lack of deathstar TDs makes things feel less campy; taking a risk doesn't mean instant death This leads me to feel that tier 9 is much more balanced - and I don't mean 'balance' in the sense of overpoweredness of certain tanks, I mean the gameplay as a whole seems to make more sense and flow better. It's more fun. In other words, it seems to me that tier 9 is better designed than tier 10. I couldn't help but wonder what clan wars would be like if tier 9 was top tier. What do you all think? Anyone else feel that tier 10 has too many over-the-top tanks? Should medium tanks really have more penetration than heavies? Is the added variety of having crazy 1000+ alpha or 2000+ burst damage tanks worth having in exchange for their negative (in my opinion) influence on gameplay?
  9. I think a more appropriate analogy to WoT's arty in WoWS would be aircraft carriers, which are going to be ingame. They stay in the back and strike at hapless battleships from the other side of the map. The real question is whether they will have skill-based mechanics, and a skill-based counter. If not, then they will be just like arty.
  10. Hello. I've lurked these forums in for a while, but I've waited on registering until I had a reason to post. So, I'll make my obligatory introduction post a bit more substantive by including a technical issue I'm having. First things first: Hi, I'm Anubis132, and I've played tanks for quite a while. I'm a solopubber, and I'm pretty good at it, but I browse these forums because I seem to have hit a skill block and I've decided that and I want to get past it. I want to improve my strategic play especially, because I believe it is the primary cause of my chronically inconsistent performance (my WN8 in battles is very binary - it's either 1000 or 4000). Okay, now the technical problem: my wotlabs stats appear to be broken. They have been for a long time, actually, but I've never really bothered to fix it. Googling the issue has been unfruitful, as everything I find seems to be unrelated to the particular issue I'm having. My signatures show the symptoms: the stats only appear to be updating in strange intervals, and even the 1-day stats say I played 561 games. Interestingly, the detailed stats seem to be accurate and up-to-date, as my stats page says I have 170 battles in my STA-1, which is accurate as of last night. It just seems that the averaged stats intervals are messed up or something. How can I fix this? Or, more probably, what information do you need me to retrieve so the problem can be diagnosed? I would show you a screenshot of my full stats page, but it really doesn't show any more than these two signatures do, so I'm not sure what more info i can provide about this issue. Thanks in advance. Edit: I held off on posting to the tech support forum in order to have some more time observing what my stats were doing. It appears to be fixing itself, so I won't make another post unless it breaks again.
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