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  1. Thanks for the overview Deusmortis, I will definitely be doing some science this weekend.
  2. Deusmortis, is it easier to find out where the different biomes are? Or will we still need things like the satellite mapping mods? Although I do quite enjoy the satellite mapping mods. have they extended out the tree at all? I'm not sure I'll be able to play until the weekend, but I'm quite curious.
  3. I thought about this a while, and I think its the M103. Wwhile its a long way from my favorite tank to play, I quite like its shape and detail. Second favorite is probably the Leopard, but I don't have one yet so I only ever see it while shooting it.
  4. How did I not hear about this? This is great news. I'm a bit sad the collector's edition is sold out now.
  5. korvanos

    Destiny (PS4)

    Bought desetiny yesterday, played it a couple hours, got to level 4. First impressions. Pros: Graphics are very good. Gameplay is solid and polished. Multiplayer aspects are solid and well done. Not very easy to meet new people, but not really hard either. I've only played with friends so far though. Cons: Story is almost absent so far. All you get is very rare exposition from a little floating robot with the charisma of a canteloupe. I'm two hours in and I don't have a clue whats going on except people tell me to go fight these monsters who are just sitting out in a wasteland. Why? Fuck if I know. They drop loot I guess. That's a reason. Loot is boring so far (at least compared to borderlands). But I'm only level 4. Maybe borderlands spoiled me. There's 3 classes, but so far there's zero choice in your abilities. Each level unlocks a new ability, but there's only one. For some reason you even have to go "unlock it" but I don't see why since there's no choice or control involved. Monster AI is pathetic so far. Worse than Halo 1. Monsters are also really unmemorable so far. Really hoping this gets better. Playing solo is going to be boring. Very boring. Missions are repetitive and often take place in the same places. The main world is sort of instanced (for you and a small number of players), but you'll still run into mobs who are way too strong for you if you go off your trail. Its already starting to feel like a grind to play it. Bottom line, it feels like a bland crossover of Halo and Diablo, without really any of the exciting bits of each. Its completly failed to "grab me," and makes no effort to have the player actually care whats going on. One final positive, there's a kick ass non-combat speederbike you can ride. that part is actually my favorite so far.
  6. Got clicked my third game in last night. less than a minute in on fisherman's bay in my m103. Boom. 1850 damage. So I hit escape, went back to the garage, and then quit out of the game to go do something actually fun. Getting one shot by arty completly kills any desire I have to play this game. Wargaming is ruining their own game with this "feature" and driving away players who would be spenidng money otherwise. And I don't understand how they can't see it.
  7. I see these people regularly, and I just gotta wonder. Are they bots? or are they maybe like some sort of shared account in a internet cafe somewhere? it just seems nonsensical that someone could do something that much and not even be remotely competant at it. And I agree 100% with Hurk. You can only improve at a task so much via study, to truly master it you need practical experience, and a lot of it.
  8. I know it wouldn't fix the actual problem of arty, but it would make murdering them that more delicious. . . I'm also in favor of Wargaming giving all arty players an electric shock whenever they click the fire button. But I think that'll be a hard one to get implemented.
  9. I used to do that with the LMGs as well for the hilariousness. I also took paticular enjoyment in using C4 against tanks and people in that game. But taking dog tags was the best part.
  10. I very much share that experience. My m103 is an artillery magnet. I would guess in any game with artillery, they're ussually the biggest threat to me. The armor mostly works against a lot of your opposition, but you're a damn large slow target for arty in this thing.
  11. I haven't been having a great deal of luck with this tank, but neither am I doing very poorly. Just. . .average. I do have the top gun, turret, tracks but not the top engine. I decided to go for the E5's gun to see if that would help, and I certainly enjoy the better gun handling and pen. When you get a position to sit and just pump out damage, the tank really shines. I get some good bounces with the turret, although not at close range, and the front hull isn't too shabby either. The gun depression does allow for some decent hull downs. The alpha doesn't seem to scare anyone though. This has definetly been my experience. I try to take the tank where I know I'll have some support from other heavies and that does seem to help a lot. Still, not really succeeding with the tank yet. I feel really week in any situation where I'm actively being shot at in this thing. The mobility isn't bad though, I'm looking forward to the top engine.
  12. I agree that so many of WOT's problems come down to map size. if the maps were larger (but keep cap points near the middle) lights and mediums would have more flanking opportunties and make artillery suffer more. And anything making arty suffer more is good.
  13. I don't think people are so much afraid of artillery, its that they HATE artillery. Artillery really is like cancer. You can do everything right, stop smoking, eat healthy, work out, stay out of the sun. . . .and yet still get cancer. But its rare and you don't see it often enough to really worry about it. In WoT you can do everything right, and yet arty can still get you for full health if RNG is with it. Very few maps have truly "arty safe" locations, with the diversity of arcs and splash damage in arty. Artillery leaves you feeling absolutely helpless. And that's rage inducing. Most TDs don't do the same thing, but when you're facing someone you can't see its a similiar feeling.
  14. Its been ages since I played Bf3 (and I mostly played Bf2 and bad company 2) but as I recall didn't snipers have to account for bullet drop over distance with different shell velocity for each rifle? In addition to moving targets. Plus enemies only show up on the minimap if someone else has clicked on them for reporting the target. Bit more difficult than artillery god mode. I will admit that taking dog tags from a sniper is just as satisfying as murdering an arty with my t71.
  15. I think Arty should have its ability to fire normally removed. If its going to have god mode, it should only be able to fire in god mode.
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