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    Steel Ocean

    Well it's not literally the same game. Since it just released this weekend, it's suspect that you downloaded and played through to high tiers to qualify your, 'It's shit' review. Good initiative on making a snap judgement though. The cash grab status of Steel Ocean is a much stronger sell, though the gameplay is not bad. Gold options: -The game constantly reminds you that you could be doing better by purchasing gold and using the gold to get commanders. -Premium Ammo -Two forms of premium time. One is purchased in battle blocks (number of battles) and offers 100% incre
  2. I'd be interested to see if you can maintain that WR up to 100 battles Shewdor, as 32 is still a small sample and 100 is the usual reference point before making statements about a tank. 100 battles solo in it and a 70% WR+ and I'd be more inclined to believe you, but since you have some battles in WoT under your belt, you have an understanding of how tonks plays. Artillery isn't OP. You get a warning, move. Most shitters sit in the back and the shell has a 3 second + travel time. Smoke and Illumination rounds don't insta-load, so team oriented arty gets even less time to damage stuff. IFVs and
  3. Paaranoja, One thing you are failing to account for in your marketing is customer service when you make your comparisons. The western world has nailed down customer service pretty hard. In fact, where I live (Las Vegas), we call it the Service Industry (Any job that makes tips, tokes, or services customers). I love WoT, despite being a shitter that can't compensate for a team full of shittier shitters, but AW seems to be, so far, being much more customer oriented than WoT was early on and, in some respects, even today. Same thing with overpriced iPhone. The Apple pros, or whatever the name is
  4. Just to chime in on the Tirpitz, I specifically didn't buy it because of the cost/bundle. I wanted only the ship, not a forced bundle. 5 bucks less and just the ship and I would have bought it. I was bothered by the bundle enough to pass on it. The possibility that the game would die based on a small playerbase was also an issue that prevents me from sinking 60+ bucks in one shot on it.
  5. One 'problem' of WoT is the rush to high tiers and the current 'damage and kills centric' metric to skill. My understanding was that low tiers are still quite playable in WoWS because of the game structure and that there isn't a whole lot of finger pointing at reds yet. I'd like some DD experience based on spotting too so I can run around undetected screening. So, adding tier 1-6 national ships sounds like a pretty good fukn idea to me broski because we aren't yet fully penalized here for not averaging high damage per game with the current metric out that's kinda half-assed so far due to the l
  6. I'm not sure what all the salt is about. I don't think a 'majority' are against Cunicularius on this. I've also found that, often in WG games, people say one thing about a mod while downloading it and using it with the other hand. I see no problem with this mod. It's no different than the new arty view in WoT. Enabling the alternate view to get shell time without hitting alt has a warning that it may reduce performance. Those people should be penalized for not having it up all the time? People who have a hard time hitting alt while in the middle of a firefight should also be penalized? This mo
  7. I'm not super familiar with the more modern ships, but most early era ships, by this I mean the ones still in service in the early 2000s, used this style of bedding, the cots on chains or rope cots. Navy side may have had overhauls to the 'coffin rack' style, but troop bedding was usually stacked 4-5 high with a cot woven with rope onto a metal tube frame. An upgrade to this was a thin mattress. FYI, sleeping out on the deck on a blacked out ship for night operations is scary as shit when you know that they'll probably never find you if you were to fall overboard. We would sneak out the O-2 Le
  8. Haha, fair enough. Thanks Deus. I figured it never happened because of the NDA.
  9. I know this may be a lot to ask, but is there a chance of getting this forum split with some sub forums? For example, tonks has sub forums for nations so that each nations vehicles can be discussed, and has a core mechanics sub forum. I played two games last night and I literally have no idea what I'm doing. There are many others, Deus, Tedster, and Assassin7 to name a few that I have name recognition for, that seem to have a lot of experience with this game and know the mechanics pretty well and it would be nice to see a comprehensive breakdown of this game so people can: A) Figure out what s
  10. Burtak

    Brutal Doom

    Erm, FlorbFnarb, we had 5.25" drives on the Commodore 64. We just never had a 3.5". The cassettes that plugged directly into the keyboard were actually pretty far and few inbetween. I only had one of them, and that cassette was so I could program binary games in from the Commodore magazine. Those games were saved to 5.25" drive. The cassettes were also lightning quick to load if I remember correctly. With that said, we used to be able to rent games on disk and copy them, long before the online verification was a thing. My favorite game was a fantasy baseball sim, I have long forgotten
  11. If you can't let scouts, well, scout, then remove the IFV. It should be completely useless otherwise. Unless they are going to get a mortar on the back. Scout tanks in WoT also get good guns for the most part. The AMX series in particular comes to mind with clipping and clean up and the new scouts with power creep are just abominable. A scout tank should be almost ineffective at damaging, but get it's experience from lighting tanks. My personal experience in the battles was that I could be extremely useful as a scout tank by lighting and backing, lighting and backing. I like the tank h
  12. I disagree with this being considered more akin to an Alpha. It's closed beta, which in theory, can go on for quite a while. An Alpha build, to me, would be more of the terrain bugged, hitbox detection, glitching, etc.This clearly was a way to monetize (and it wasn't a horrible money grab either with a 14.99 low end buy in for access) the real desire for many of us to play what they were working on. It's far more complete than probably over half the steam early access games which I would consider, in most cases, to be more akin to an alpha build. You compared it to WoT's open beta, this is
  13. Sorph, I don't like you. Or the horse you rode in on. That's completely why I keep this avatar. Be less of an @55hole to people and maybe they won't go out of their way to antagonize you.
  14. Just in case anyone out there plays tabletop with mutants and masterminds, icon, or any other super hero system: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/412792115/the-super-villain-handbook/ It's my understanding the book is system neutral, so you can convert it to any system you like. I don't play any of these systems, but Jason Tondro is a friend of mine and I play Ars Magica and 5th Edition DnD with him playtesting his module he's writing for that. Jason is probably one of the funnest players/gm's I've ever played with. Jason's roots are pretty deep in the comics and tabletop commu
  15. He gets so much love because of the Golden Age. Wing Commander was pretty much a groundbreaking experience for us nerds. I remember spending the night over at a friends house and us taking turns napping while we installed games from 3.5" floppy disks because they took so long to transfer the data onto his 386 computer. Our programming classes in High School started with Basic and progressed to Turbo Pascal in year 2. I want you to look at games today and then look back at the games of yore and realize that when Wing Commander incorporated Hamill with live action cutscenes, it was unbelieva
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