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  1. Hey guys, I know it has been a while, but I am wondering, just out of curiosity, does anyone know how people have sold accounts before? Like ebay or something? Just wondering. But also if you want to buy my account pm me, I am so ready to get off this ride

    1. Toasty_Kun
    2. PajamaMan


      How do I find someone to sell to?

    3. Toasty_Kun


      reddit probably 

  2. Is the end near?
  3. Anyone have a good small-medium sized tank picture with a transparent background? Even something like an emblem will do, just needs to be transparent and of a tank.

  4. Well you must be sad everyday, because JPE is the best!
  5. It really depends on how many frames you plan on making the gif. Obviously long gifs or ones with short frame times (like 60ms) will take a while, but this gif was over 100 frames to edit and I was able to do it on gimp in under an hour. It isn't perfect, but I had to paint a over and edit a lot. If you are just adding text here and there or adding tank icons over things, even if they move it shouldn't take long at all and is pretty easy.
  6. My JPE that too often trades with E-100s and takes more dmg than I deal agrees
  7. Get the JPE-100 and become a pro at the game. Please do not ask me for actual reasons
  8. JP-Pajama100 meta back?

  9. First game in JPE for weeks to try to continue my 3rd marks, and a friendly 183 shoots me in the back because I wouldn't let him by as I sidescraped against a 57 shooting me. Please tell me how do I get 3rd marks if this crap happens?

  10. Why is my 62A not the apex of beauty anymore?

  11. Is anyone even going to use these labors of love?


  12. I agree maybe it could be conservative, but saves me a trip to wotlabs Still waiting for top dpg users per tank
  13. Only those that have uninstalled have truly won at WoT. GL&HF
  14. Better watch out fantasy players, I was in the top 20 and I am only going up from here

  15. When a pubbie asks to join my clan by PMing my platoonmate instead of me

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