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  1. Guys, be thankful WG is just changing equipment, they could be adding an entire new class that will basically brake the game.
  2. they have been selling tier 9's in WoWs for nearly a year now.
  3. I havent played in awhile, but i never ever thought that HE was an issue (other then the jap hvys). Derp guns are fun, but kinda easy to counter and play around, sure they can be annoying from time to time, but way wayyyyyy less then the broken silver/gold shells. Derp guns are a meme and bring something different to the gameplay, why the hell would WG look at that before premium rounds, well I think they calculated that is would push people to use gold rounds more often, so mission accomplished.
  4. oh god, those 10 players still playing AW are going to be so confused....
  5. Well i did play Armoured Warfare, Naval Action and Dreadnought, so yeah i seem to have a nack at picking great game with shitty devs.
  6. CV's finally broke me... got rid of every ship, clan and captian in WoWs. I couldn't watch them slowly murder a game i had enjoyed for 4 years.. So i need something new, not sure about Warthunder, there naval content is getting better (and bigger) but its Gaijin, any other WG style game with tiers and shit that could be good ?
  7. Yeah and BB's needed several hours to get their boilers up to working pressure... i dont think using IRL arguments is a good idea. The problem is WG concept of CV's be "action" focused means you can have long down times, so if you load into the game and have to wait 30-40 seconds before yo get to do anything, well that goes against their core concept. The concept is probably never going to work, but they seem hell bent on trying real hard to deepthroat it into the player base.
  8. yeah i did, its retarded, you dont need data from a live server to knows its broken.........
  9. sometimes the clouds dont even render and the squad just dies.... and when you line up for a torpedo run, you simply cant dodge.
  10. Played the tier 6 Ryujo today.... its seems both OP and underpowered at the same time, very weird to can my head around -AP bombs seem near useless -Torps are easy to aim and land, but do little damage, only rely on Dot flooding -He rockets seem very hit or miss The AA is also very on or off, either i can fly around and do full drops or they all instantly get crippled/die, there is no in between.
  11. 85 planes kill, still not enough, CV's still got me What is the point of AA if they can just keep coming, AA mino seems to be one of the best AA ships in 8.0 yet its still doesn't matter, they just respawn and keep coming, all while you lose AA and HP
  12. they will sell all the tier 8 prem CV's in the future... i can guarantee it, why do you think they reworked them.
  13. Well at least if you build for AA now you cant get shit on. Full AA Minotaur, which is still a viable random build, is basically a no fly zone at the moment, no DefAA required. So i guess they "fixed" CV by making them 100% useless... so the 5% of the player who played CV is gonna stay the same, but no more sky cancer WG achieved 50% of what they wanted, not bad i guess.
  14. I have had the Kaga and Saipan... both are unplayable at tier 9-10, your planes simply vanish the moment they get near any ship, I have never felt so useless in a "ship" in 4 years of playing WoWs, only good at spotting, i could have gone AFK and the battles would have played out exactly the same The UI is bugged and the gameplay is boring and repetitive, sell them for doubloons and fast example of bugged UI: no boost, no CV status, just a return to aircraft carrier.... this has gone though 3 PTS iteration, about 1 months worth of testing on open public, god knows how long before in
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