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  1. fucking Battletoads

    1. ZXrage


      hi excuse me do you have battledtoads

  2. for anyone interested the Subnautica launch live stream



    1. DirtyACE7


      Wow! Just wow! Let's deliberately maim our own game for no real reason at all!

      WG's decision making obviously includes at least 25% RNG.

  4. So Mutsu is pretty dank this ranked season.

  5. So you want to play Warships on the weekend, GO FUCK YOURSELF


    1. Hellsfog


      okay. let me point out that if I could fuck myself, I wouldn't be doing anything else other than making myself breakfast and smoking the occasional cig.

  6. unlocked the Minotaur today, 4th tier X CL, seems pretty good, shame tier X is shit to play

  7. Okhotnik is very worth, most fun ship in the game

    1. How_Terrible


      This is good to know.

  8. R.I.P Bill Paxton

    1. Greatspank


      Jo: [cow flies by in the storm while in Bill's truck] Cow.

      [cow flies by in the storm]

      Jo: another cow.

      Bill: Actually I think that was the same one.

      Cow: game over, man. Game over.

      rip Bill.

  9. tried to play WoT again... last time i lasted 1 week, this time 50 minutes.... i dont get how you can play this game anymore

    1. SaintLaurentius


      You're just out of touch and shit on top of that. Just deal with it:serb:



    this game is going places....




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    2. TheMarine0341


      Disagree w/ Foch, NOT his opinion of the other changes



    3. robosapieo


      Ah I see.Even so,the 120mm tanks already have more than enough going for them.Maybe make their alpha like 410 or 420?I don't understand why they're making it EXACTLY the same as the 122s.The poor Russians and Chinese already have awful accuracy,reload,aimtime and gun dispersion values.If these changes go through,they won't even have the alpha advantage anymore.Stupid AF if you ask me.

    4. TheMarine0341


      Yeah something like 425 or 430 would be ideal IMO

  12. Currently the balancing mechanism is being actively worked on, but isn’t ready yet. The task is to set up more equal and fair teams

    Welcome to skill based MM in WoT, cause that shit worked so well in AW

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    2. Strigonx
    3. Assassin7


      All we need is a mostly equal spread of tank classes between the teams. No more one team getting 5 more heavies and then putting you on Himmels. 

    4. GazT4R


      Totally agreed with @Assassin7. None of the ridiculous matchmaking weighting pitting one sided brawlers on city maps against TD's and meds.

  13. "+-25% damage will remain untouched, similarly regarding penetration"

    da comrade, vokda still stronk

  14. welp WoT is off the SSD, only took 1 week this time

  15. Cromwell B still best tier 6 light tank

  16. Grand Tour opening i edited with Mad Max sound track


  17. First game in 6+months... mastery badge on new tank

    WoT is hard2play


    1. hazzgar


      T6 thank, top trier in a rather powerful tank. What id you expect? A bad game? 

  18. "Grab them by the pussy"

    Donald Trump - 45th president of the US

  19. If Trump reactivates the Iowa's, well it might have been worth

  20. welp, guess China is gonna be the knew #1 for awhile, curious too see how long that will last... wonder when they will elect their own version of Donald

  21. got a Super container with 50K free exp

    1. Folterknecht


      Nice for you - I got 250 "anti detonation flags" ... very usefull

    2. MAJEST1C


      Wow 50k free exp!!! The most I got is 300 premium repairs (damage control whatever)

    3. Super_Rybak


      Crossfader I like your nickname

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